“The aspirations and assumptions of one generation are often realized, debunked, and adjusted by the next.” — The SuperSpade

Okay, I lied. The music video depicting interracial love at Howard University does make me cringe.

Mostly because of the social stigma placed upon interracial relationships in America. Not to mention that it was shot at a beloved historically black college.

Howard alumna and News and Lifestyle Editor at Ebony Jamilah Lemieux is too ‘a bit troubled’ by Jillian Parker’s new music video called “Mr. Football.”


EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux:

I won’t pretend that had this video taken place on Georgetown’s campus, it wouldn’t have had triggered any sort of reaction in me. I just would have likely dismissed it rather quickly. But Howard is hallowed ground—for me and for a lot of Black people. Our school is known as “The Mecca,” short for “The Mecca for Black intellectuals.” I think of all HBCUs in that way. Safe havens. Not the place where White girls go to find desirable men.


Reactions to Lemieux opinion on the video are mixed. One user did commented that he knew Parker and questions why this topic even matters.

“If you meet Jilian you would see no evidence that would suggest that she chose to make fun of the black community with the “angles” (that was shot by a black guy, did you check the director),” said ‘A Guy’ on comments. “But was simply using a dear friend to help her achieve higher heights.”

What’s ironic here, to me, is that Parker is a recent graduate of ‘The Mecca for Black intellectuals.’

(For those thinking “Am I the bad guy for having an opinion not based on reason or experience?” — It’s never too late to use your mind without prejudice and without fearing to understand things of the unknown.)

Life lessons has a funny way of repeating itself. So don’t be that awkward person still stuck in the past.

Once upon a time some provisions allowed southern states to count slaves as 3/5 persons.


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