NorfolkAfter just two years as Norfolk State University President, Dr. Tony Atwater was fired Friday evening. Now has more information on what led to the dismissal he said he didn’t know was coming.

“My termination was sudden, unexpected, and disappointing,” said Atwater on Friday after his dismissal.

Suffolk Delegate Chris Jones wasn’t surprised at all. He knew last Wednesday that Atwater’s dismissal would be discussed at Friday’s Board of Visitors meeting. Jones, however, did not know the board would vote 7-4 to fire Atwater on the spot.

Serving on the House of Delegates Sub Committee on Higher Education, a member of the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee, as well as a budget conferee, Jones helps determine where state money goes to support Virginia schools. He has been very aware of the goings on of NSU, and painted a picture of Atwater as a president out of touch with what what was going on at the school.

“Dr. Atwater says everything is fine … things aren’t fine … audits aren’t done,” Jones told Monday. read more