tonexAward-winning gospel artist Tonéx has been the subject of much controversy within the church community for many years, due to his music and image, then for coming out of the closet on Christian-based cable channel The Word Network in 2009.

Now, students at Howard University in Washington, D.C. are calling for a boycott of Tonéx’s upcoming September 15 concert at the Howard Theatre (which is located less than ten blocks from the University’s main campus).

Angela Powell said, “He’s confused. One second he says he’s not gay then does a tour and says he is. He said he quit gospel but then comes out and says he’s not finished with Christian music yet. He needs to sit down somewhere.”

”As a Christian, homosexuality is wrong. I don’t support it and I’m glad so many students are standing up and rejecting this concert also,” says Curtis Montgomery, a sophomore biology major.

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