bildeGrambling State University celebrated Tuesday. It’s not every day the school gets $50,000 for student scholarships.

GSU students welcomed nationally syndicated radio show host Tom Joyner with “We Love Tom Joyner” and “Thanks Allstate” signs as he dropped off the big check.

The World Famed Tiger Marching Band led the crowd with a loud, bouncing and rocking tune as GSU cheerleaders led Joyner down the aisle to the stage in the T.H. Harris Auditorium to celebrate Grambling State winning the Allstate and Tom Joyner Foundation “Quotes for Education” national HBCU competition.

Of the scores of HBCUs participating, Grambling State had the most school spirit, winning $50,000 for deserving students. Each of the 32 students receiving a $1,000 scholarship was introduced. Some of the students were on the verge of dropping out, struggling to pay tuition balances.

The balance of the scholarship money will be used to recruit freshmen and transfer students for the fall semester.