On Thursday February 6th, as early as 12 PM, students formed a line that wrapped around Howard University’s Ira Aldridge Theater and crossed the yard to the entrance of Douglass Hall. Comedian Kevin Hart and actress Regina Hall visited campus, promoting their new film “About Last Night,” which releases Feb. 14th.

The event was moderated by Kamaron Leach, who asked the stars questions ranging from how awkward sex scenes were, to what they felt about one night stands. Both stars were enthusiastic, sharing descriptions of the roles they played in the movie.

“I got to play someone different for a change, I got to play a grown man on camera,” said Kevin Hart when describing his role as Bernie in the film.

“It was the first time I get a scene with a woman in a movie, and I get to be intimate and have emotions and go through turmoil. I’m excited about it.”

Regina Hall also described her character Joan.

“She’s a dentist– today’s independent, lil’ sexy, passionate woman,” she said.


Other questions answered by Kevin Hart..

I can imagine your character was a lot of fun to play; this unfiltered, loud-mouthed salesman. What was the biggest challenge for you in playing Bernie….?

Kevin Hart: There was a certain vulgar sense to this character, from his sexual practices, language and aggressive personality, that was different for me, but the fun comes in making this guy likeable despite all that (laughs). He does a lot of crazy stuff and is a bit of a mess, but you root for this guy and the changes he makes as the story develops are amazing. He’s respectful and aggressive, but at the same time you root for this guy. The changes that he makes in is personal life as this story goes on, they’re amazing. He takes a direction that “normal men” may not feel they’ll take, but I feel like so many men will actually be able to relate to my take on this particular character, and that’s what made it fun for me.

And then you’ve got Regina Hall playing her wild, unfiltered and outspoken character. As someone who’s known her for a long time, what was that experience like acting opposite her playing Joan?

Kevin Hart: Joan is Regina (laughs). Here’s the truth, and I’ve known her a long time – that’s the real Regina… don’t let her see this interview (laughs). Loud, doesn’t respect her man, says whatever she wants, puts her man down when she should put him up, truth is, Regina is just the worst thing walking (laughs)! But at the end of the day, just like Joan, her loyalty is what makes her character amazing and when she says she’s going to ride with you, she’ll be there. She’s battle for you and be there for you and love you, through everything. But Regina’s not acting in this film, she’s crazy (laughs). I’ve known Regina for a long time and that’s Regina (laughs).

Bernie and Joan relationship is kind of all over the place and a little inappropriate (laughs). Their relationship is outlandish and vulgar and sexual. But at the same time we find a median in this love-hate relationship that we have. I think we find that because in dealing with Danny and Debbie as friends, watching them go through what they go through – which is a completely different direction in their relationship, in that they gain love early and what appears to be bliss on the outside…. wasn’t on the inside. Their failure at a point became our gain, in a strange way, lesson wise – seeing them decline the way they did, because they went about it by being “the perfect couple”. Us, being imperfect, helped us find love and get to the point of security within ourselves and our relationship. But there’s ups and downs in both, which is what happens in all relationships.