Freshman Memoirs: Me Vs. Financial Aid

Let’s get ready to rumble! In this corner, we have Taylor Carr, a rising junior at Howard University. And in this corner, we have the mean, hungry, and ever-growing college tuition bill!  Who will be the victor in this boxing match?

This summer, I will be featuring “The Freshman Memoirs” from current college students who want to share with incoming freshman the experiences and advice they’ve learned in their college careers.

In this week’s edition, Taylor Carr talks about not giving up on your dream of a college degree in the face of financial aid woes…

“The biggest step I had taken in my life was leaving Chicago to attend Howard University in a new city with no friends.  My freshman year proved earning my college dream definitely wasn’t coming without challenges. But the biggest learning lessons weren’t just connected with my coursework–I was learning so much about myself as well.”

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