Rodeny Williams, Guest, Herb Douglas, GuestOn May 15, at Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center in NYC, Hennessy V.S presented the world premiere screening of “The Renaissance Period of The African American in Sports.”

The most natural way to make an impression and attract admiration from your adversary is to win in everything that you do.  As the saying goes, in spite of who you are, you can achieve greatness if you work hard enough. Herbert Douglas and Bob Lott, executive producers of the film, The Renaissance Period of the African Americans in Sports teamed up with Hennessy VS to premiere this necessary piece of history that most are incognizant of.  Twenty-two minutes of unprecedented documentary style, the film encapsulated the essence of the Summer Berlin Olympic Games of 1936, where 9 African American athletes opened the doorway for black people through a world-stage of track & field.

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