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You hear that phrase a lot. Normally, it is followed by phrases like, “Speaking of Instagram, Why did such and such like my picture?” “Girl, his girl doesn’t know he left his number on my picture from weeks back” , “If she likes one more picture, I’m gonna slide in her DM’s.” With social media being such a large part of our lives, and for many, a source of validation and worth; where and how do we let it affect our relationships?

It has become quite apparent to me that social media can be the devil.. Especially, Instagram.

Well, according to everyone else.

Everyone says that Instagram can be the downfall of a relationship. The claim is that it can cause problems that wouldn’t be there other wise. I must say, I disagree. Does Instagram cause the problems? Or is it just a highlighter for the things people would be doing regardless? We see the features of social media and complain.. We don’t want it to be able to locate where we are. We don’t want it to notify others of who we’re interacting with. But why? I realize that these features can be excessive, but I guess there is good reason to wonder why they are so unwanted. We all know why. People are sneaky and needy!

Relationships and Instagram are possible. Right? The bond just has to actually be there. We have different tests in our generation. The tests of temptation are at an all time high. The boldness from others is moreso than ever, and trust is necessary to be able to withstand it. The key word is trust. There needs to an understanding that accountability will also be necessary.

Isn’t it interesting that the complaints for social media are so rampant? From males complaining that their girlfriends are snooping, to the women complaining, (after snooping) that their men are being flirty and unfaithful; I’m not sure who’s at fault. I think it’s just a real issue. If there was security in the relationship in the beginning, there would be no need to snoop. If there was truth, honesty, and accountability, there would be no basis to go outside your relationship. I guess with Instagram Vixens, and the “thirst” everyone is hollering about, it would be pretty hard to have and keep any of the aforementioned. That is the problem though, not Instagram. It is the outlet that Instagram provides to the outside that threatens and sometimes, destroys relationships.

So what does that say to you?

If you cannot keep a strong relationship despite Instagram, or any other social media, you should reevaluate what you and your person have. Relationships now need to be stronger, because distractions and temptations are stronger. Social media is just a mirror of what it is that is happening anyway. It is public and in your face. So what do you do? Stay private? Or declare your love, and love interest to the world?

I don’t know if I could say either is wrong. I would just suggest you know what you’re up against and know how strong the bond is with your boo. Using instagram for validation,detective work or a cheating outlet in your relationship might be the first sign that bae ain’t really bae.

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