Central State University, the only public historically black college or university in the state of Ohio, is now an 1890 land-grant university. The designation of land-grant status allows Central State to apply for federal agriculture research funds and for construction funds.

“As the only alumna in history from Central State University to serve in Congress, I was honored to work with CBC Chairwoman Fudge and other colleagues to bring CSU across the finish line to join other HBCUs as an 1890 land grant university,” said Congresswoman Joyce Beatty.

“This will afford faculty and students an enriched opportunity to not only showcase its great Water Resources Management Program but to partner with Ohio’s other land grant university — The Ohio State University,” she said.

Central State University President Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond also thanked Fudge and Congressman Mike Turner’s “tireless efforts” to lead the charge to this designation, saying “…we at the University are extremely grateful for his efforts.

Jackson-Hammond: “Sincere appreciation is extended to Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and her staff, whose efforts were pivotal in garnering support among members of Congress across the country. We are so proud of Congresswoman Joyce Beatty,” Jackson-Hammond said, “not only for her stellar representation as an alumna, but also because of her tenacity and leadership toward the uplift of all Ohio citizens.  Furthermore, Central State University, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and students are immensely grateful for Senator Sherrod Brown’s leadership, the perseverance and his dedication in support of CSU receiving land-grant status.”

Central State will not be eligible for federal land-grant funding until 2016. But school officials and supporters of the institution says that the designation is a “reversal of a generations-long injustice.”


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