An 18-year-old freshmen at Tennessee State University, a historically black college or university (HBCU), was shot at least three times on her way back to campus after grabbing something to eat at a nearby Wendy’s. Her friend who walked with her and is also a student at TSU managed to escape with only a bullet graze wound.

The Meter, the student newspaper of the University, first reported the news via Twitter. According to the student-ran newspaper Tennessee State freshman students Rosalind Miller and Shayna Graves was returning to campus from the local Wendy’s restaurant before being stopped by a car.

A young man that Miller described to be “college age” got out of the car and then grabbed for the backpack Graves wore. Graves would not let go. The young man reacted by pulling a gun out of his pants and shooting Graves multiple times in different areas of the body, Metro police say. Graves was later rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The Meter:

The gunman, who looked like he was college age according to Miller, got back in his car and drove back towards campus. Graves sat in the street screaming for help. Students nearby called 911.

Taylor Davis, who witnessed the shooting aftermath, said she thought that it was a Halloween prank because it seemed so unreal.

Student Kelsea Martin, who was in the car with Shaun Thompson and Taylor Davis, said that when they stopped the car they could hear Graves screaming “Oh my God, I’ve been shot.

The students said it didn’t take Metro long to arrive. Shortly after, Graves was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Miller said she and Graves are close friends. The two became friends after arriving back in August.  Miller says she was shaken because she hears about things like this all the time but never expected anything to happen to her.