B3o6UuiCYAE_OaSThe Southern University band did more than just perform their normal routine at halftime during Saturday’s Bayou Classic against Grambling at the Louisiana Superdome when they helped a former player propose to his girlfriend

How many times have you been to a sporting event and seen a guy get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend in a grand gesture featured on the jumbotron?

If you’re like me and go to a lot of games, then you’ve likely seen this at least once or twice in your lifetime.

Sure, it is all done with good intentions and the guy thinks he’s being really sweet and romantic by having one of life’s most private and intimate moments shared in front of thousands of people, but it’s really kinda cheesy and overdone.

However, I gotta tip my cap to former Southern University fullback Calvin Mills who got some help from the Jaguars band who goes by “The Human Jukebox” nickname to help in his proposal to his girlfriend.

This isn’t the standard jumbotron proposal that has become far too routine these days, so kudos to Mills and his girlfriend, or shall I say fiancee, because she said yes.

So guys if you’re going to go the stadium proposal routes with the love of your life, please make sure you enlist the services of the Human Jukebox to help carry out your plans.

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