If I told you that North Carolina A&T State University was the choice historically black college or university (HBCU) to be during homecoming season, I probably would be looked upon as some novice Black college tourist, or someone who never really appreciated the value of the Black college experience, and definitely not “GHOE.”

Of course GHOE is the best.

(If you didn’t know, GHOE is a pseudonym for the Greatest Homecoming on Earth—and it’s OK because I didn’t know what the word was about a week ago…)

I was given the opportunity to drive 422 miles from the heart of Ohio in Wilberforce to Greensboro, North Carolina to step with some members of my fraternity’s step team at the University’s homecoming step show. And this year’s N.C. A&T homecoming exceeded all of my expectations.

The drive back was better than expected, too.

Here’s what some other students had to say about the now infamous #GHOE: