Three-Researchers-in-Lab1Tuskegee University researchers in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health (CVMNAH) have a major accomplishment to be proud of this month with the issuing of the United States Patent no. 8,883,488 for the detection of food threat agents and food-borne pathogens. The researchers credited with this time-saving invention are Dr. Woubit S. Abdela, Dr. Temesgen Samuel and Dr. Teshome Yehualaeshet, all three associate professors in the Department of Pathobiology in the CVMNAH.

This invention will help with the screening of food for potential contamination with foodborne pathogens and food threat agents. If food contamination is suspected with either of the twelve different organisms (bacteria – germs) then this tool can be used to find out which one is possibly present.

“What is so exciting about this discovery is the reduction in time it will now take to identify contamination. Previously, the process of identifying a single bacteria contamination could sometimes take weeks or more depending on the nature of the bacteria,” Abdela said.