health-010212-004-617x416Getting ready for finals can be overwhelming. 

We know that everyone wants to see their family and friends and is over school right now. But stop whining; this is the time to finish strong.

Knowing how to prepare for finals is the road to ace your tests and avoid stress. Here are some tips and tricks to use during finals:

1. Don’t cram

Try studying in intervals. You can study between 20-30 minutes every hour, and remember to stay away from your phone and social media. If you are one of those persons who has to turn off your cell to avoid distraction then do so. 

U.S. News also suggest that you spend a few minutes writing down everything you need to do in your calendar from doing laundry and sleeping to writing papers and studying.

2. Study with a group

By studying with a partner or group you might can learn something from them that maybe you have missed previously in class.

Share notes with each other and exchange ideas. According to Education Corner members of a study group can compare notes since it is common to miss important concepts or details during a lecture. Students can learn from each other especially if your exam consists of critical thinking essays.

3. Keep up with assignments during the semester…

this mean complete all reading assignments before the deadline.

Who wants to go back to old reading assignments you should have already completed reading at the beginning of the semester. This also helps eliminate cramming information.

4. Give yourself study room says you should organize your study space. 

Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out. You don’t want your study area to be crammed with notes. Organize what you will study first.

5. Eat healthy

Researchers says when you study, your brain consumes glucose. With that being said we suggest maybe taking a five-minute break every hour to let your body produce more energy for your study cycle.

Eating a healthy snack is helpful, too. Plus, the morning before the test you do eat a healthy breakfast.