Studying-for-finals1All-nighters in the library, visits to your professor’s office hours, group projects and turning assignments in online all before it hits 11:59PM. These things only mean one thing: FINALS WEEK!

The last week of the semester feels like a wretched storm has hit your life. The end of the fall semester is crunch time.

In the midst of trying to stay afloat until your last exam or paper is due, here are five key things to remember!

1. Do ask for help

You don’t have to go through finals week on your own! Head down to your school’s tutoring services or the subject’s department and inquire about events or tutoring sessions that may be helpful to you.

You can also reach out to other students in your class and form a small group study session. This can help you study the material and learn from others.

2. Remember to eat

When you’re cramming your brain and working on five different assignments at once, it’s very easy to forget something as simple as eating.

Steer away from fast food and ramen noodles. Before you make your way to the library stack up on brain food. Your body and your brain go into overtime mode during finals, so you want to make sure you feed it right!

You can go to your local supermarket for blueberries, eggs, avocado and other brain food such as kale and nuts.

3. Set an end goal

Setting a reward or end goal for the end of finals week can motivate you while you’re studying.

Since there is a fall graduation it could be something as simple as going to that party everyone has been talking about (after your last final, of course), or, treating yourself to an unhealthy dinner or going to see that movie you’ve had to put off for the last month. Whatever it is, reward yourself for making it out of finals week alive!

4. Do sleep

Students have this weird connotation in our head that no sleep = success. But, in fact, it’s only hurting you. Sacrificing rest to do some last minute cramming puts your body into overload and could cause you to crash. 7—9 hours of sleep a night are recommended to get the right amount of rest and feel refreshed.

5. Don’t cheat

We’ve all heard the phrase, “cheat or you will repeat.” But, if you prepare yourself enough throughout the semester and study well in advance you will be well prepared for your final. Do not give into peer pressure and be tempted to cheat. In the end you’re only hurting yourself by not receiving an honest grade. And, the consequences are severe if you’re caught.

These five tips are sure to help you out during finals week! It’s a great feeling to leave for winter break knowing you’re in good academic standing. Stay focused and happy studying!