IMG_1849Football is such a grueling sport. It is physical, it is tough, and it is just the right sport for former Braves wide receiver/kick returner and Alcorn State alum Terrance Lewis, who says football has always been serious for him.

Recently, Lewis had the opportunity to talk with the Buzz about being hungry, pursuing dreams, and football, of course. Here is what he had to say:

BuzzIt is clear that you are “hungry.” What drives you to go so hard?

TerranceI look up to guys like Deion Sanders and Javon Kearse who both are alums of my high school (North Fort Myers High) in Fort Myers,Florida. Just to make it out of our environment it’s truly a blessing and one day I hope to use football to impact someone else’s life, the way Deion and Javon’s success impacted my life. I love the game of football–it’s something that I enjoy doing. I believe in my ability and so do the people around me, it’s just a matter of time that a opportunity will come.

BuzzWhat is your plan to finally make your dreams a reality?

TerranceMy plans are to keep working and grinding to get better in the area’s I lack. I’ve been working real close with my trainer Deon Hodges, at D1 Training facility in Jackson,Mississippi. Deon believes in my ability and is striving to get me better. There is always room for improvement no matter how good you are! I’m a very hard worker and never been the type to give up on anything I believe in! 

Buzz: How has the NFL Network show “Undrafted” helpyou get closer to this goal?

Terrance: It’s kept me hungry and grounded, to see all the people contact me through social media that actually believe in me and my grind, that just motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams. I’ve also met a lot of people who interest in helping me purse my dream in play pro football. 

Buzz: I was watching your film and you make a lot of defenders miss, man! With the speed, agility, and other skills you have why do you think you were overlooked? Do you think you were underestimated because of playing at an HBCU? 

: I wouldn’t necessarily say I was overlooked because I went to HBCU, there are a lot of guys who have made it to the NFL that attended small schools. I do think it plays a factor when your consider to be a undersized receiver like myself. Teams always question the level of competition when you do come from a smaller school. The thing that motivates me is seeing players in the NFL the same stature as me, make plays. Most of which went to bigger schools. Desean Jackson, Steve Smith, Ty Hilton and Tavon Austin just to name a few. I know my ability and I feel like I’m fully capable of creating the same damage as the guys that I’ve mentioned.

Buzz: What is the future like for you

Terrance: The only concern I have is not ever getting the chance to display my talent again. I was invited to Rookie mini camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) in 2013 and I played in two preseason games with the Edmonton Eskimos (CFL).  I can honestly say that I’m two times better the player I was then. I  just want a opportunity to prove to the people that don’t think it’s possible for me to make it. Whether it’s a NFL camp or CFL camp, I’m ready. I have a great team behind me in my family and friends. I think they want to see me make it more then I do. So that’s a extra push for me to stay focused and to keep my head up!