Updated 3:53 pm EST, 1/23/2015

Back in December the Andrew W. Melton Foundation gifted Clark Atlanta University with a $100,000 planning grant for the school’s initiative to seek incorporating research in the undergraduate curriculum.

From the school’s website, “This important and timely grant from the Mellon Foundation will enhance the learning potential of CAU students by infusing research into the undergraduate experience beginning in the first year and through to graduation. We are grateful to the Mellon Foundation for its ongoing support Clark Atlanta University and its confidence in us to develop new mechanisms to infuse research into the curriculum across all disciplines of the university.”

“The expected outcome of this grant will be to implement a model framework for undergraduate student research that is tailored to the unique challenges and needs of Clark Atlanta University,” said CAU’s Asa Ware Endowed Professor of Sociology Obie Clayton, who is also the program’s principal investigator.

“We are looking forward to a productive year of rich, provocative and insightful conversations with other academic leaders from across the nation as we launch efforts to determine and refine best practices in this realm,” Clayton said.