GO Gathright, GO!

XULA’s own Whitney Gathright has been chosen as the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference Player of the Week. Though this is Gathright’s second time with the GCAC award, this is the first time this season an XULA women’s basketball player (Gold Nuggets) has walked away with the accolade.

Gathright, a New Orleans native has had quite an exceptional career thus far, and is proving day in and day out that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Currently a Junior at XULA, Whitney has averaged 14. 1 points, as well as 3.7 assists in this season alone. Lets not forget to mention that she has 33 made 3-pointers under her belt.

Whitney recently assisted her team with the first win XULA has had over Talladega College in 13 years. Gathright scored 18 points in the game, Ultimately taking the Gold Nuggets to VICTORY.

On January 10th,Whitney Gathright helped her team to a 61-48 triumph at home against Philander Smith College. Gathright scored seven points in the last four minutes of the game.

We see you Whitney Gathright! Handle that Rock!