Updated 7:40 pm EST, 1/22/2015

Musical genius Stevie Wonder has some tricks up his sleeve this New Year. The Grammy Award winning Wonder is currently working with NBC on a miniseries about the Underground Railroad.

The miniseries entitled ‘Freedom Run’ will be based on Betty DeRamus’ 2005 Book, Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories from the Underground Railroad.

DeRamus’ book, written in the format of love letters, deals with the issues of rebelling against and fighting to break free from slavery. The miniseries will focus on three couples from the book who find love all while facing the adversity slavery brings, according to Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone.

The miniseries in total will be about 8 hours.

Wonder will be executive producer on the project, and NBC has high hopes that he will write the music for the production when it hits the Broadway stage.

NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt told the Television Critics Association panel, “We’re increasingly looking for projects that qualify as television events and these harrowing true stories of courageous young men and women who found love, in spite of the heinousness of slavery, certainly does that…”

Stevie Wonder obviously never sleeps because, here goes another accomplishment he can add to his already extensive list throughout his remarkable career.