On Tuesday Jan. 20 students gathered together for a special event honoring the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Clemson University where Tuskegee University President Brian Johnson served as keynote speaker, and encouraged students to surround themselves with knowledge.

“I believe the worst nine-letter word, actually the worst word in the entirety of the English language is ignorance,” said Tuskegee University President Brian Johnson.

Johnson mentioned how King push for education of all people no matter what race or background they belonged to. He stated that the men and women who surrounded Dr. King were educated primary thinkers.

Upstate college students are beginning to feel the pressure of cost when it comes to the price of education.

Many college students had the chance to express their frustrations about educational funding. They mentioned that the fight for funding is a struggle.

“It’s not because they don’t have the mindset,” student Austin Bush told WYFF News, “don’t have the work ethic, they don’t have what it takes to be a college graduate — it’s because they can’t financially support going to a four-year college or the college they want to.”