HBCUs Reported to See Rise in Enrollment

The folks at The Detroit News recently sat down with a group of high school seniors who will be attending some of the country’s HBCUs and also got their views on why they made those choices. Jeremiah Wheeler is attending Howard University as a freshman this fall and says he just knew the school was a home away from home:

“…that feeling really is a mutual feeling of the people around me. It’s a feeling of welcome, it’s a feeling of home, it’s a feeling of a wanted challenge, and you’re learning every second that you are on campus,” Wheeler said.

HBCUs are institutions that nurture their students and DetroitNews.com says “enrollment at HBCUs rose 4.5 percent between 2002 and 2012” because of it.

Tyra Smith, who says she’s still awaiting to hear from her first choice, believes that “Everybody is there to pick you up and not leave you behind.”

There is nothing like attending an HBCU. The experience is almost surreal, and when you attend an HBCU you are also joining a family filled with people who want nothing more for you than to succeed. It is a community that aspires you to grow as an individual, and not just a number.

The blacker the college, the sweeter the knowledge.

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