On Thursday Feb. 19 students and faculty members from Howard University plan to teach Wikipedia a lesson on black history. All of Wikipedia’s pages, topics and entries related to African-American history will be fixed in the “edit-a-thon” as a part of Black History Month, according to reports.

According to The Root, Howard Dodson, the director of Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, a research center and also one of the country’s oldest produced within the African Diaspora, says, “Howard University is the ideal place to hold an edit-a-thon on this broad and undeserved subject area. Eligible content rangers from entries about influential people in African American history to legislation fought for by black Americans, as well as the mass protests and pop-culture moments that have affected African Americans.”

The “edit-a-thon” will be held at the school’s MSRC. Community members are free to attend and watch.