President Raymond M. Burse was recently featured on CNN for helping his staff and some of his students. President Burse gave up $90,000 of his salary so that the university’s lowest paid workers could have a 40% pay increase.

“I don’t mind giving up on some what I have been able to obtain through life in order to be able to be a small help to them in their own lives, Burse told CNN.

Burse’s acts of kindness didn’t stop with his staff. He also surprised KSU football player Deshon Floyd by awarding him the remaining $2,000 he need to do an internship abroad in New England. The 63-year-old also offered high school shooting victim Javangntay Burroughs of Louisville a full scholarship.

“With all the things they had to deal with, one of the things they shouldn’t have to deal with is whether this young man was going to be able to go to college, “ said Burse.

The president’s actions incited a pay-it-forward movement around the university.