Kyra Crosby of Livingstone College, the Lady Blue Bears leading scorer, was recently ruled ineligible for the remainder of the season. In this suspension Livingstone forfeits all of their previous victories, stopping a 22 game winning streak, as well dropping their record to (4-19, 4-10 CIAA).

This suspension came about after Livingstone did an investigation and self reported that Crosby was ineligible. This suspension came about after it was revealed that in Crosby’s single season at Georgia State she did not complete her spring semester course load.

In an attempt to appeal the suspension Crosby wrote a letter to both the president of Livingstone, President Jenkins, and CIAA Commissioner Jacquie Williams.

In Crosby’s letter to authorities she cites personal hardships, the near loss of her mother to suicide as the reason as to why she was not able to focus on academics.

Also noted in the letter is that Crosby believes she is being disciplined due to administrative oversights. The Associate Athletic Director Malcolm Nelson has resigned and the Athletic Director Andre Springs has been placed on a year long probation.