In this clip, Michael Imhotep breaks down the misinformation about John Hanson being a Black President. This is a ground breaking presentation originally uploaded to by user: mjrob1914, providing verifiable evidence proving that John Hanson wasn’t President. This is a 15 minute clip of a 4.5 Hr lecture by Michael Imhotep, Executive Producer & Host of “The African History Network Show called “Should African-Americans Celebrate Black History Month: Exposing The Myths”. The presentation deals with the origins of “Black History Month”, why it was created and what we need to do to make it relevant for us today. Visit to purchase this DVD Item #744.

This in-depth presentation dispels myths regarding African and African-American history in an astonishing way that will surprise you. This lecture is full of sources such as articles, video clips, websites and more. Once you watch this DVD you will ask the question, “Is Black History part of American History or is American History part of African History?”.