Whether it was the wild hairdo, the muscles in his legs, or the fact that he wore a suit when most other men wear sweats, Tennessee State University product Robert Myers, better known as Snacks at TSU, was able to grasp the attention of media, scouts, and hopefully NFL teams this week at the scouting combine in Indianapolis.

Robert Myers at the CombineFrom the time that the offensive lineman took the field at Lucas Oil Stadium Myers was able to grasp some attention. The senior guard from La Vergne, Tennessee was first spotted out in a tweet by the official NFL twitter account touting his styled afro as possibly the best haircut at the combine. This however, was just the beginning.

When the linemen were assessed for measurements Snacks was up to par coming in at 6’5 and 326 pounds. His stout size was further recognized by the media as Myers participated in a lateral quickness drill. During the drill Myers’ quads were noticeably busting out of his shorts prompting NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock to refer to Myers as “Quadzilla”.

Throughout the day Myers had a decent performance in other measurement drills as well. Snacks posted a 5.44 40 yard dash, and more importantly for his position, a 4.91 time in the 20 yard shuttle.

Though coming from a Football Championship Subdivision school, measurements such as these have led to scouting reports touting Myers’ potential saying that “The ceiling is higher for Myers than many guard prospects in this draft…” “…and with more coaching he should be a NFL starter.”[NFL.com].

The most impressive thing Myers may have done at the combine though potentially came off of the field. In such a relaxed environment as the NFL combine, many athletes conduct their team interviews in comfortable clothing matching the background. Myers decided to go an alternate route wearing his Sunday’s best and treating the interviews as many would any other young professionals would.

In an interview with the Tennessean Myers stated “I approached this like it was a job interview. I feel like I have a good personality and a good sense of humor. I wanted to show it’s a business interview in my mind, and I was approaching it that way.”

With determination such as this it would not be a surprise to see Myers represent Tennessee State in the NFL for a long time to come.