South Carolina State University President Thomas Elzey addresses the State’s House Ways and Means subcommittee to close the university for one year. Few resent article here. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports


  1. Sad to hear that SCSU may be shuttered for a year. However, if the legislators pass this bill to shut down SCSU to allow reorganization, you might as well as consider this the final nail in the coffin. The perception and the action alone will have individuals and others avoid the university. As in the case with many HBCUs, many in Black America has turned their backs to schools like SCSU in favor of perceived better HWCUs. Also, many of these schools are managed by Presidents and Boards that are too dependent on government and lack the hustle mentality to obtain multiple streams of funding or “open up the playbook” and compete. Unfortunately, I see that SCSU will be another HBCU that closes its door. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

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