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The conviction against San Francisco Police Officer Ian Furminger was supposed to end there, with him serving jail time for robbing drug dealers during his tenure as a supervisor in his bureau’s plainsclothes unit, CBS SF reports. But during a court filing, federal prosecutors came across racist and homophobic texts sent between Furminger and three other San Francisco police officers, who are now under investigation.

Their texts, sent between 2011 and 2012, spewed hatred toward African Americans, gays, Filipinos and Mexicans, according to the report.

In one text, Furminger wrote, “We got 2 blacks at my boys school and they are brother and sister! There [sic] cause dad works for the school district and I am watching them like hawks.”

And when Furminger told a fellow police officer that his wife’s friend was visiting with her black husband, Furminger and the officer wrote, “SFPD Officer: Get ur pocket gun. Keep it available in case the monkey returns to his roots, it’s not against the law to put an animal down.”

Furminger, “Well said.”

In another text, Furminger called another officer a “f–” and made racist remarks about Mexican and Filipino people.

Furminger was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for the robbery. His three police associates who allegedly engaged in this kind of offensive text messaging with Furminger were reassigned to administrative duty while the investigation takes place, CBS SF reported.

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