In 2012, five alumni from Hampton, Howard and Morgan State set out to shatter the perception that HBCU alumni don’t give back to their alma maters. Lauren Legette, (Hampton ’11), Alize Beal (Howard ’12), Brendan Francis (Howard ’12), Roger Rojas (Morgan State ’01), and Anastazia Neely (Hampton ’12) started the Puissance Scholarship.

The Puissance Scholarship was founded with the goal of “raising money for present HBCU students from greater New York City, to increase awareness about benefits of HBCU attendance for prospective students, and to provide a network of support as they transition into HBCU alumni.”

Each year a scholarship is awarded to an outstanding high school senior bound for an HBCU in the fall. In order to help raise money for the Puissance Scholarship, the five alumni started an event known as the Hillman Homecoming.

The Hillman Homecoming is an opportunity to celebrate and connect the HBCU graduates in the New York City area.

Lauren Legette, one of the founders of the Puissance Scholarship says, “Hillman Homecoming is a celebration of beautiful black professionals who made their start at Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the globe and are making a difference in the world.” Legette goes on to say there is no other event like the Hillman Homecoming and she is grateful to be apart of the movement.

Since its start, the Puissance Scholarship has been awarded to 5 scholars. To make a donation, visit here.