Put em in a coffin gone wrong.

A Facebook video shows a Central State University police car getting pranked by what looks like a university student jumping back-first onto the car.

Watch below:

“Put em in a coffin,” which originally was made popular on the social media app Vine, is when people jumps backwards on just about any and everything that can be captured by an iPhone. (See here, and here.)

[quote_box_center]Participants say or shout “put ‘em in a coffin” before jumping – with arms crossed over the chests – backwards onto car hoods (sometimes occupied by angry motorists) or grocery and convenience store displays, fast food counters, bushes, schoolroom tables, you name it. Any fallback move qualifies.[/quote_box_center]

In the video, several other people gathered around, cheering the prankster on. No CSU police are in sight. The prankster then walks across the hood of the car and jumps back-first onto the police car.

We’re not sure if the prankster is a CSU student or not. But the video has almost 400,000 views already on Facebook with mixed reviews, “Eventually this dude will get caught…the internet is not where to post the evidence,” said one user. 

Another user said, “Wonder where the cop was?”

Tell us what you think about this terrible prank by commenting below. Funny, or not really funny?