I Love My HBCU! — Central State University [Q&A Series]

Q: What makes your HBCU unique? 

My HBCU Central State University is unique because of the people. Many, many different shades of color, the Black students attending Central and the people operating the school is what makes CSU, CSU.

Q: What are some mythbusters you would like to share with the world about your HBCU? 

Not all students are “thugs.” Well, only the first semester freshman students that probably didn’t notice fashion is everything at a Black college.

Q: Who’s your favorite notable alumni of your HBCU and why? 

Omarosa. Omarosa is a CSU grad and also a former Miss CSU that has involve into a TV show house name from a small town in Wilberforce, Ohio. That’s awesome. Central State maybe sitting on no more than 60 acres but it packs a mean left hook, and is mostly known for sports, the grammy nominated CSU Chorus, The College of Science and Engineering and its Fine & Performing Arts program, and that the university gave Mike Tyson an honorary doctorate degree in 1989.

Other notable alumni include, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Mayor of Xenia Marsha Bayless, former NFL player Hugh Douglass, and grammy winning Nancy Wilson.

Q: How did your HBCU shape you as a person? 

I tell the youth, when I’m out recruiting students to go HBCU, that I found my purpose at CSU. The fact is, I know myself better as an individual because of my stay at college that feels, to me, more like a home away from home. In this race some of us have to run twice as fast to those who are more fortunate in life, and work smart to get ahead and to have control over one’s well being. My HBCU taught me that self-education is key.

Q: How did your HBCU prepare you for the world?

To date CSU has provide me with a series of opportunities that I was prepared for because I was savvy enough. I think you ought to act like you have some respect in regard to both your professional and personal life walking on the old footsteps of President Charles Wesley.

Q: What do you love about your HBCU the most? 

Tradition. CSU is all about tradition that focuses on a family atmosphere and that nourishes its millennial students into international leaders.