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Disgraced NFL running back OJ Simpson used to make astonishing cuts on the football field, but cutting a jailhouse medication line may have the Hall of Famer running for his life.

According to the Daily Mail, the 67-year-old Simpson is housed in the minimum-security section of a Nevada prison but when it comes time for medication and meals, all prisoners, from minimum to maximum, must line up together.

Last week, Simpson reportedly cut the line, causing Travis Waugh, 51, a member of the Aryan Nation who goes by the name “Blu” and is housed in maximum security, to call him out.

“This guy was standing in line waiting for his medications when OJ comes along and cuts in line—like he always does,” an eyewitness told the Daily Mail. “But this dude was not having it and told OJ to take his ugly black a– to back of the line and wait like everybody else.”

“OJ jumped in his face and yelled, ‘F–k you man. I’m gonna stay right here and you’re a– ain’t gonna do nothing about it,’” the eyewitness said, according to the Daily Mail. “The guy pushed OJ and yelled back: ‘Get in line a–hole and wait your turn. I’m not gonna tell ya again.’”


According to the witness, Waugh pushed Simpson, who now walks with a cane after 11 brutal years in the NFL took a toll on his knees, and Simpson fell to the floor, the Daily Mail reports.

Simpson is serving anywhere from nine to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and has petitioned the prison to have surgery for his knee injuries, which he believes may leave him unable to walk unless treated.

The witness added that the once Simpson got back to his feet, he rushed Waugh and reportedly spit in his face.

“The guy flipped out and went after OJ. OJ put up his fists to fight back and was yelling that he was going to teach this guy a lesson. But the other inmates jumped and tried to hold both of them back but they were both so furious it was almost a riot,” the witness told the Daily Mail.

Guards rushed the scene and separated the two men, but not before Waugh reportedly issued a threat to Simpson.

“While the guy was dragged away he looked back and screamed, ‘I am going to make it my mission to kill you nig–r a–. You will not leave here alive—do you hear me!’”  the eyewitness told the Daily Mail. “And then he made a symbol with his hands of shooting a gun at OJ.”

The eyewitness added that Simpson asked around and found out that Waugh is in fact a violent inmate.

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