Xenia Gazette

WILBERFORCE — When Central State University’s alumni office asked Marsha Bayless for her resume, she knew the university was up to something. CSU was up to something — something big.


Bayless, a 1973 graduate, was among nine who were inducted into the school’s Alumni Achievement Hall of Fame Tuesday during the 128th Charter Day Convocation.


“I was really surprised,” the Xenia mayor said. “Even though you send in your information … it’s still a surprise when you do get the call. It was very humbling and I was very honored. When you think about achievement, you think about everyone but yourself.”


Despite being entrenched in her own career as an educator and public servant, Bayless never stopped thinking about Central State.


“I’ve maintained contact with my alma mater, Central State, since I graduated,” Bayless said. “I just think about my time at Central State and, having through the years in the school system, worked with Central State when I was a principal. I had student teachers and clinical field students on a regular basis, and I would go out and would be doing in-services on campus. To be able to go back and be a part of this induction ceremony was truly a great surprise and a great honor.” read more…