Cheers to Simmons College!

Simmons College in Louisville, Kentucky is now the country’s 107th historically black college or university (HBCU), finally, thanks to a “designation from Washington,” tweeted President Dr. Kevin W. Cosby earlier today on his official Twitter account.

Founded in 1879, the university’s first leader, Rev. Elijah P. Marrs, served just one year in office. But Simmons flourished under the direction of Dr. W.J. Simmons from 1880-1890—the small college in a large city, even back then, had “competitive football, basketball, and baseball teams.” The school was basically renamed Simmons College because of Dr. Simmons and his contributions.

Last year in March 2014 I briefly covered Simmons College when it achieved the valued accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), therefore Simmons was dubbed as the nation’s latest Black college

Today, Simmons serves many students with low-income and students that probably will be the first in their family to receive a higher education. Several students potentially Simmons could reach also are students with “limited resources to attend college.”

But Dr. Cosby insists with Washington’s approval and its accreditation status that the school “has met national standards necessary to produce graduates who are prepared to enter into selected professions.”

“The accreditation of Simmons College of Kentucky will have a ripple effect throughout west Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is the most monumental achievement, by African Americans, to take place in the state in the last 100 years.”

Dr. Cosby, a pastor and active tweeter, wrote on his Twitter, “I have never had a drink in my life…I might have my first today!” he said. “Simmons College is an HBCU! This is huge for the city, state and nation!” he added.

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