“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future,” writes Brittney S. Carter on her Instagram page, sharing a glimpse of her personal life, and her ‘womanpreneur’ lifestyle.

What makes B. Carter Solutions unique is that in today’s world, we know that Event Planning, Marketing, and Social Media Management goes hand in hand.

Since being named one of the members of the Top 30 Under 30 2014 list by HBCU Buzz, Brittney S. Carter continues to go above and beyond to exceed her client’s expectations. Carter, a PR pro and also an alumna “from the prestigious Claflin University” says that she is committed to raising the bar and maximizing the value of utilizing cutting edge strategies with her new start-up, B. Carter Solutions that “helps others on the same journey” she once “struggled to overcome,” she told HBCU Buzz’s Editor-in-Chief Tommy G. Meade Jr. via email.

According to her bio, see here, Brittney “is an advocate for empowering individuals for professional success, mentoring young professionals on finding their passion and purpose, while still mastering her craft by learning from other successful entrepreneurs around her.”


Check out the rest of the interview with Brittney where she talks about failure and success, how to be social media savvy, and more about her new start-up, B. Carter Solutions.

Tommy: On first glimpse of http://bcartersolutions.com/ one can easily inquire more about event planning, social media, marketing, and resume writing to build upon a new company, or brand. Was this originally what you had in mind?

Brittney: Yes, I knew I wanted to combine my skill-set into one business that can cultivate solutions for all. I knew I couldn’t have separate businesses for Event Planning, Social Media Management, Marketing AND Resume Writing, so, unquestionably I created a one stop shop solutions company that will cater to the needs of those individuals who are in need of those specific services that I offer.

Tommy: What sets you apart from other communications specialists wanting new clients? What makes B. Carter Solutions unique?

Brittney: I am a Communications Specialist by day, and a CEO by night, and what sets me a part as a business owner seeking new clients is that my company provides:

1. The highest quality of service, process and product knowledge, meaning timeliness and 24 hour support when it comes to delivering results, friendliness at all times rather it’s via e-mail or in person, personal attention to each service requested, cleanliness in the deliverance of all services, knowledgeable in the targeted market, and the subject at matter, and presenting the most reliable service that exceeds a client’s expectation.

2. What makes B. Carter Solutions unique is that in today’s world, we know that Event Planning, Marketing, Social Media Management goes hand in hand, and this company is the only one-stop-shop solutions company in the DMV area that can deliver all of those services to accumulate solutions for those unambiguous clientele.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg[pull_quote_left]James 4:10 states, “Humble yourselves before The Lord, and He will exalt you,” my favorite scripture I live by, as I continue to watch God elevate me and my success.[/pull_quote_left]

Tommy: Why is it imperative to be social media savvy, among other things, in today’s global marketing mindset?

Brittney: It’s imperative to be social media savvy in today’s global world, and more importantly in business because you want to know what people are saying about your company, what are they expecting from your company, is your company engaging with its followers, and are you able to gather useful feedback and data that can better inform the decisions you make for your company. What I’ve learned from working in social media for 5 years is that it’s about building relationships, not marketing a product.

Tommy: “Showcase your talents for the world to see and help others on the same journey that you struggled to overcome.” Is this a personal motto for you? Why do you believe it is important to give back, and to help others climb as you climb?

Brittney: Yes, this is a personal motto and personal quote from me that I discovered was very influential as I progressed in my journey. When growing up, coming from a very small, isolated town, I wasn’t brought up with many resources or hopes to be anything other than a statistic. As I made it through college, transitioned to Washington, DC, I changed my perspective on things I’d previously done, and surrounded myself around people who had now made it happen. I started shifting my approach, and explored utilizing the resources that were put out in front of me. I took advantage of attending the workshops, seminars, trainings, and attaining certifications, paid for by my job at the time, and applied the knowledge to my mindset. As I started to generate success, that motivated me to share my journey of where I came from on multiple social media platforms, and to inform others to know that the journey of success starts with a writing down your vision and having an ambitious mindset to keep going.

I’ve failed a lot in my life, but I share my journey to encourage others to not take the same route I did, but to create a different route but keep the same mindset as I have. During my journey, it’s always been instilled in me to give back no matter how high God elevates me. As long as God continues to give me air to breathe, I am going to help the next person succeed with their dreams. It’s imperative to give back and help others climb to the top, because just as it was given to you, it can all be taken away at the blink of an eye. Being arrogant, prideful, and egotistical will only result in failure from the one in Heaven who will all abide by.

To know more about B. Carter Solutions click here http://bcartersolutions.com/.

Photo Credit: Brittney S. Carter