051713-national-michelle-obamaThe Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama will deliver the commencement address at Tuskegee University, a historically black university in Alabama.

Michelle Obama Gives Speech At Bowie State University CommencementThe May 9 event is one of three graduation ceremonies the first lady will speak at this year. Mrs. Obama will also deliver remarks at Oberlin College and King College Prep, a high school in her hometown of Chicago.


The White House says Oberlin and King were chosen because of their video submissions to two “commencement challenges” issued by Mrs. Obama last fall. Schools had to show their commitment to college mentoring and helping students get financial aid.

Mrs. Obama will speak at Oberlin May 25 and at King College Prep June 9. (The Associated Press)


  1. “Truth is Unbending, Opinions are Skewed” grace, peace *

    Nearly every Person (People) has, at one time or another, throughout Each ones History (Existence) been Enslaved, Persecuted, Mistreated, and Neglected by Others and/or by their Own.. The American (Native) Indians Suffered Worse than (most) any other Race-Nationality in History; To the Point of Near EXTERMINATION, This Extermination Included Men, Women, Children, and the Elderly……of course, Most of the Terribly Horrific and Inhumane Treatment of the Natives was Conveniently Erased, or Not Totally/Accurately Recorded in History, and Mostly Unheard of Today…. (All This, with the Blessings of ‘the Powers that Be’ In Washington, DC…i.e ‘Politicians-U.S. Military’)…… True, the Natives were a ‘Conquered People’ and Subject to the Authority/Laws of the U.S. Government, But, Regardless, This Black-Eye, Social Blight, and (what should be considered) Egregious Nightmare, is a Total Embarrassment -World-Wide- To the USA, because of the Ill-Treatment of Their Own Peoples; and To Everything Good They Once Stood for.

    My Point being: We as A People Wouldn’t/Shouldn’t have to be Enduring the Social Problems of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, IF, (and I’m sure it Sounds ‘Corny’) We all as Parents, Teachers, Friends, Peers, and Positive Role-Models would Practice, Preach, Teach, ‘The Golden Rule’…..

    ‘Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets’. Matthew 7:12 (KJV)…….

    The Irony of it All is, You haven’t and don’t Hear the Natives (the TRUE Americans) Whine and Cry, Fuss and Fight, Rob and Riot, Murder and Maim, and in General, Pitch a B*i *t*c*h about their Socio-Economic Life-Styles and Problems…. In Other Words, There is No Complaining about Civil Rights, Entitlements, Past Iniquities, and Those Petty Problems and Worries, that serve No Purpose, other than to Incite Hate and Discontent… Most are TOO Busy trying, just to Exist/Survive under Dire Situations…

    “Truth is Unbending, Opinions are Skewed” grace, peace *)

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