A North Carolina senator from Mecklenburg County has signed on to a new bill that hopes to generate money to keep Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) alive in the state.

“Many of these Universities, they have been our mainstay,” Senator Joyce Waddell said. “They have educated African Americans who are in prominent places, doing great things throughout these United States. So we must be proactive when it comes to this.”

North Carolina has eleven HBCUs.  read more

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  1. This is great more state senators and representatives in all states that have HBCU’s need to step there game up and recognize that HBCU’s are here to stay and deserve the same financial support at PWI’s in the state. This is 2015 people its only fair.

  2. More accountability is needed from of College Graduates and Students on how we spend our money and choose Leadership. A good leader for Black America would started by dictating spending patterns in this nations based on the needs of a Black economic system which we ( people) could do, then there would never be an issue of receiving support for HBCU’s. First, we would not need it and if we did they would realize it would be in there interest to keep them afloat because they help generate talented people that produce income. But when you choose a smooth talking Leader without vetting him and become predictable with your money your needs are taken for granted.

    What you fail to see with this new Immigration bill they are trying to pass, the direction this country is going. They really care less if HBCU’s are funded or if Black people are able to support themselves. The Black Caucus had to go to war with President Obama to fund HBCU’s, it time to open your eyes and see the picture! This generation cannot function with there hands as skilled labor and that was done by design. So what’s the future, more people coming into an system already tapped out economically with no jobs? FEMA’s got camps all over this country ( “You think it started yesterday, it been in the works for years.” ) with plastic caskets in the thousands for bodies. Now, you tell me who are they going to used them on? This country has a history look at ours and the Indians to get a better point of view….

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