Buzz Prezz is a rare column written by HBCU Buzz President, Brittany Ireland. This time, Brittany asks Pastor Cornelius Lindsey for a word in regards to the tragic death of Sandra Bland who allegedly committed suicide while in police custody.

Cornelius Lindsey, pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta, GA, is a man of God on a mission. This disciple was born in the rural town of Newton, Mississippi on August 16, 1986. He is the husband to Heather Lindsey (who has an extent ‘resume’ herself) and father to Logan and Taylor Lindsey.

Cornelius has ministered across the globe, is author of five books, father to 2 children including a newborn, founder of several successful conferences,  and the list goes on but most importantly he is a man of God. With the amount on his plate, its humbling to know that Pastor Lindsey will preach the gospel anywhere or though any medium – even Instagram.

The news surrounding the investigation of Sandra Bland, who police are saying committed suicide, is more than alarming. Though police brutality is nothing new, this case comes after a particularly rough year of trials, murders, assaults, non-indictments, and various situations the African-American community has faced with the police department showing a lack of justice.

Yes, my heart aches each time more information is presented.

No, I cannot stop praying for Sandra’s sisters, mom, and family.

Yes, I watched the 49-minute and 11-second video…twice.

Yes, I believe the officer had an ego problem.

Yes, I saw the video as the black male officer sneakily discard an item in the trashcan.

DUH, I believe this type of thing happens every single day, probably more than once.

None of these facts, even when presented in the court of law will change our world. I realized I was in the wrong court. After analyzing all the facts, which, in my mind, clearly point to malpractice and a lack of justice, I am left with a heavy spirit. Honestly, even a little angry. The leader in me wants to think of the next step. Should we plan a march? Protest? Who will lead this movement? Every single minority leader has been scrutinized for their imperfections and by the opinions of others, so honestly, WHO DO WE CALL?

Someone perfect.

At that moment, I got my answer. Why was I searching for a leader like a lost puppy? We will call on the only one who is perfect, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My spirit led me to contact Pastor Cornelius Lindsey. And his spirit led him to deliver a powerful message:

Pastor Lindsey says, “I‘ve been monitoring this case, and the inconsistencies in the stories are alarming. The bigger picture here is the anger that is currently incubating in our country. I do my very best not to air my frustrations or join the masses. The media plays people like sheep, and sadly, people are eating right out of their hands in the name of ratings.

Fools speak in ignorance and frustration. I work hard not to be one. Nonetheless, these things are happening daily. We just don’t know about them. This world needs a revival just like the backslidden Israel of times past! We need God’s intervention. Hearts must be changed, and that won’t happen with angry rhetoric, changing laws, or divisive speech.

Jesus must be the agent that cleans this stained blanket of sin that covers this world. He must be preached. That’s the only way I know true change can come. I’d love to resort to other measures, but they won’t do what Gospel-preaching can and will do.

So my answer to this stuff happening is not ‘keep praying’ but rather ‘keep preaching’! Let your anger lead you to preach the rising savior and the only way to eternal life.”

Next step = FOUND.

I thank Pastor Lindsey for a re-alignment of purpose and God for my peace. If this world wishes to move forward by the smallest measurement, our next step had better be one according to Him(God). Rereading Pastor Lindsey’s message leaves me wondering why everyone spends so much time trying to make the world perfect, or their idea of perfect rather, when God gave us a way (and map) to reach the only place perfection resides. Heaven. Heaven is the ultimate goal and the sooner this fact is widely accepted, respected, and protected, the better our world will be.


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