North Carolina Central University was on lockdown for almost an hour after a student was shot on Sunday night, as reported by HNGN.

The victim remains unnamed, but one of the witnesses said his group had a disagreement with an unidentified suspect who left and returned with a pistol.

“The guy reached for his pants and started shooting,” said 19-year-old Kenneth White, a NCCU freshman, according to the New York Daily News. “He shot one of my friends in the butt cheek and we went inside to take shelter.”

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White and his friends carried their wounded friend to a bench and called out to police as they saw them arriving at the scene.

“We waved the cops to come to us instead of the shooter because we had someone down,” he said. However, he says that the officers took the victim into custody and took off his pants despite his wound.

“They just put him in handcuffs without logical reason … I don’t think a strip search should be done in public,” the Brooklyn-born White said. He took a video of the encounter with the police, but deleted it after gaining negative comments, Daily News added.

“Many people are mad,” White added, since a lot of people the video gave a negative impression about the school. “They don’t understand the struggle we went through to get our friend to that seat to make sure he was OK.”

The authorities announced that they are on the hunt for five suspects that are connected with the shooting at NCCU, read more