The black dollar makes up a large portion of today’s economy, and yet and still it isn’t as well respected as we’d like it to be. Supporting Black owned businesses gives us a chance to put money back into our own communities as well as allowing entrepreneurs to grow in their professions. Buying Black gives us the respect as consumers that we’ve been searching for for years. This holiday season it is extremely important for us to support and buy black so that we can continue to flourish and prosper. Here is a list of Black owned businesses that you can shop at this holiday season. Feel free to comment with more businesses as we want to add to this list.

23The Cultured Savage

Responsible for all things fresh, 90s inspired. The Cultured Savage was founded by Alfred T. Brenton Wood to bring a cultural and conscious clothing to the table.


We want to increase this list. Feel free to leave a comment with your company name, short bio and website link.


  1. Not So Bland Apparel

    A clothing line launched in early 2015 by HBCU graduate Shannon Bland. The tshirt line is influenced by 90’s pop culture, music, and the black experience and aims to uplift the community while being fly. Inaugural design, “Black Excellence Period”, now available in tshirts, crewnecks and buttons.

  2. Define Me Greek – Define Me Greek is the first Greek apparel company
    to specialize in signature definition tees and accessories for sororities and
    fraternities. We pride ourselves on preserving the legacy and tradition of
    each organization –

  3. CrownKnits: “CrownKnits awakens a dying form of needlework using modern fashion trends. The result of this unique combination is exclusive handmade scarves that are the ideal accessory for all your winter layers.”

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