Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Hillary Clinton’s Speech at Historically Black Clark Atlanta University

A group of Black Lives Matter, a millennial activist movement “that campaigns against violence toward black people,” protesters interrupted Hillary Clinton’s speech “for over ten minutes” at historically black Clark Atlanta University on Friday.

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech at a historically black university in Atlanta was drowned out for over ten minutes by protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement Friday, with Clinton yelling over loud chanting and singing,” writes Brandon Bordelon at National Review. All the while, Bordelon says, “Atlanta’s mayor and another Democratic lawmaker struggled to quell the clamor.”

Clinton, the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination, can be heard responding “Yes they do, and I’m gonna talk a lot about that in a minute,” when the protesters started shouting “Black Lives Matter!” during her speech with hundreds of supporters jam-packed in Clark Atlanta’s auditorium. “Now, my friends, I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we have to take action together. And I hope that we’ll have a chance to talk more as I have been meeting with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement,” Clinton said.

After Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, a notable member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and congressman John Lewis managed to help the protesters exit the auditorium, Clinton thanked them both for their assistance in the matter.

“I appreciate [the protesters’] passion,” she said on the interruption that dragged on for entirely too long at the university—where were Clinton’s, or the school security to defuse the issue before it turned into a disaster? Clinton continued, “But I’m sorry they weren’t listening, because some of what they’re demanding I am offering and will fight for as president!” Read more here.