So here is what happened.

Within the past few weeks, the campus has had to say farewell to a few students, hosting multiple prayer gatherings and candlelight vigils honoring their resting tigers. HBCU students everywhere have reached out via social media and other channels to offer their love and support for TSU and the families victim to these unfortunate situations and senseless acts of violence. Though this is a tough time, classes are in session, the campus has counseling available, and the students have used the pain to empower a movement – #stoptheviolenceHBCU.

The Tennessee State University campus is one that prides itself on school spirit and HBCU pride. Unsurprisingly, the student leaders of a proud institution beam with pride and passion.

Emmy nominated journalist and reporter Matt Alvarez of FOX17 WZTV Nashville and his camera crew set up shop, prepared to cover a story that surveyed individuals at Tennessee State University about its safety plan its need for more security.

Aware of the situation, Student Government Association President Racia Poston and Mister Tennessee State University 2015-16, Delvakio Brown stood up for their beloved Big Blue. They went to the reporter and the conversation got interesting.

POSTON: We would definitely appreciate if you would stop reporting [negative things] on our school, there are so many great things that happen on this campus. We don’t see you all here when those things are happening.

REPORTER: Thats fine. Thats fine, let me at least say one thing.

POSTON: I think you’ve said enough, honestly. I think you’ve said enough.

REPORTER: Here’s the point though, at the end of the day, the people that we spoke to said that there should be more security on campus. Should there not be ? That is the story that we are doing.




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At one a point in the conversation, an off-campus shooting is irrelevantly mentioned to justify a need for enhanced security; not to worry, Alvarez is quickly enlightened by student leaders.

Poston and Brown questioned the reporter on why they hadn’t seen him and his crew out reporting one of the numerous positive stories on campus such as a recent conference with attendees from across the nation, or the engineering program’s newly-built robot.

The reporter responded reminding TSU students he and his crew were onsite to cover a specific topic, TSU safety plan. When will the topic change ? The engineering program’s new robot sounded more interesting.

Poston and Brown took back their HBCU in that moment.



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