Morgan State Students Remember Friend Who Died Thursday

Photo: ABC2

Friends of a Morgan State University student who was killed in a car crash Thursday said they’re still mourning his death.

Adedire Olanrewaju Ososanya, 20, a Morgan State University junior, was involved in a car accident in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Another man, James Scott Calero, 31, “was charged with DUI, DWI and seven other charges,” WUSA9 reports.

But the charges against Calero has been dropped, officials say.

From WUSA9:

“Prosecutors dropped the charges out of fear that Calero could plead out to lesser charges pending a full investigation of fatal crash. They do expect to re-file charges when the investigation is finished.”

Ososanya had joined the Pi chapter of Omega Psi Phi at Morgan State about four weeks before his death.

Student Andrew Egiefameh, a senior, said, “Dire was a very special individual. He was great. He is great and he only had potential to be greater. … I think everybody, not just my line brothers, but anybody can say that about him. Everybody is just filled with love and laughter right now. It’s just a tough time because you just lost somebody that you just crossed into the fraternity and it’s just like he’s just gone. It’s only been a month.”

Daniel Olumese, who told ABC2 that he met Dire in high school and have been best friends ever since, said, “I’m not going to lie. I don’t really like it. I don’t like it a bit, because this isn’t fair. I see pictures of him with wings on his back and I’m like this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. We had plans. All of us had plans. We were supposed to go places. We were supposed to do things.”

Also a student at the black college, Daniel was one of at least 200 students who gathered in the academic quad to pray and to remember Dire’s life Friday night.


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