Howard’s star guard James “J-Byrd” Daniel III recently had nothing but good things to say about his black college experience so far at the Mecca.

Daniel is a great example of the notable student-athletes produced at black colleges.

Whether he knows it or not, Daniel is paving the way for many other young black athletes wanting to go HBCU instead of deciding to attend a better known PWI sports program to further their career—one could argue that these institutions better prepare student-athletes for the next level, though.

Daniel and company are trying to restore pride to Howard's Basketball program. (WTOP/Noah Frank)

But black colleges are so much more than sports, and lots of people would agree.

“People from Howard, they’re really prideful,” Daniel said. “The tradition here is just crazy. People really take care of the school, they love it.”

“People really take care of the school, they love it,” Daniel added.

Daniel is also the country’s leading scorer. (And “his 176 free throws attempted and 154 made” is “best in the nation.” Don’t forget, “his 2.8 steals per game” is “the fifth-best mark in the country.)

In a piece on, Noah Frank pointed out how “Daniel has brought a different energy to campus, one which hasn’t existed in years”:

“Now that he’s been on campus for a couple years, Daniel has experienced the school’s proud tradition firsthand, and understands better the opportunity he and his teammates have to raise the school’s profile through what they do on the hardwood.”

“You’ve got to be a special player to be under 6 feet tall and excel at this level. You’ve got to have an explosiveness to your game,” Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy said.

“For us, we’re not overly concerned with if you’re 5-10, 6-0 or 6-1. It’s really your package and the skill set you bring,” Kennedy said

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