Ice Crushes NCCU Employee’s Car

NCCU Advises North Carolina Department of Justice Compensates

Kim Brummell said she worked long hours during the winter storm as an employee with police telecommunications at North Carolina Central University.

1176287_630x354Brummell was shocked to find her car was crushed by ice from the roof of a campus building while she was working.

“One of my other co-workers yelled to come out, that the ice was falling,” Brummell said.

Now, her car is sitting in the lot of a body shop as she tries to figure out what to do next.

The shop estimates the damage at $5,400, which Brummell said is more than her 2002 Infiniti is worth. She said her insurance company won’t cover the full cost of repairs.

Brummell said she thinks the university should pay because the designated police parking spots fall right in the pathway of the building’s roof. She was told the university’s insurance doesn’t cover it.

“Part of our job is dealing with emergencies, and things like that. Dealing with the students, staff, employees, and visitors on campus, but there should be something that’s put into place that protects us all the way around also,” Brummell said.

She’s afraid this won’t be an isolated event for her or her coworkers.

“Who’s to say that might not happen again? Another winter storm we, emergency personnel, it [will] be the same process, so something within the university system and their policy needs to be changed,” she adds.

The university said in a statement:

“Ms. Brummell contacted NCCU’s Office of Business and Auxiliary Services on Monday, January 25. In accordance with the State of North Carolina’s Tort Claims Act, North Carolina Central University advised Ms. Brummel that a Tort claim needs be filed with the North Carolina State Department of Justice. The claim is then submitted by the university to the Department of Justice, which makes the final determination as to whether or not the claim is compensable. NCCU will continue to work with Ms. Brummell on this matter.”