South Carolina State University’s Interim Board of Trustees had a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to put the finishing touches on a state mandated report.

The report is the first step school leaders must take in order to request state funds for next year’s budget. It’s a taks they have to do every year, but amid the school’s recent financial issues, there’s a bit more pressure.

Board members looked over the lengthy document that included enrollment, debts, revenue and projections for the upcoming year.

Interim President Dr. W. Franklin Evans said faculty and staff have been working overnight on the needed documents.

He said that he was made aware of formatting requirements and additional necessary information Tuesday.

During the meeting, board members dismissed several employees so that they could continue gathering information needed for the report.

The documents were due to legislators before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. The legislators will look over the report and ask for any additional information if necessary.

The report included things like:

  • student enrollment in recent years
  • graduation rates
  • tuition and fees per semester
  • tuition waivers
  • scholarships and grants
  • out of state veterans’ reimbursements
  • appropriations’ history
  • PELL grant information
  • outstanding debts
  • facilities and maintenance costs
  • technology costs
  • employee data

The report was all to complement projected needs for fiscal year 2016-2017.

University officials will meet with and present the report to legislators of the House Ways and Means Higher Education Budget Subcommittee on Tuesday in Columbia.

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