Howard Grad Potential Nominee To Replace Antonin Scalia As US Supreme Court Justice

A Howard University grad is being mentioned as a plausible nominee for Supreme Court Justice.

Kamala Harris, the attorney general of California, 51, is considered a “leading candidate” for one of the most important positions in the world, according to USA Today and The New York Times. The sudden and untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia could give President Barack Obama the opportunity to nominate his pick to fill the seat before he leaves office, and some have mentioned Harris’s name to replace Scalia.

But many Senate Republicans including some of the current conservatives running for president wants Obama to wait until his successor takes office in 2017, arguing that the sitting president should honor the Scalia legacy by not promoting someone to the position under his watch. Nowhere in the Constitution does it specify that Obama has to wait, however:

“The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday immediately set off a partisan battle over a vacancy that could reshape the Supreme Court for years to come, as Senate Republicans called on President Obama to let his successor fill the seat,” writes Peter Baker at The New York Times.

But Harris’s experience in the field of law, along with actually holding office, makes her an interesting potential candidate:

Kamala Harris: California’s attorney general, 51, could be another leading candidate. She has the added luster of holding political office, a life experience that is sorely lacking on the Supreme Court. She’s currently running for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

“In his three decades on the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia left a lasting impression on American jurisprudence,” Harris said in a statement, offering her condolences to the Scalia family, and also adding how, though many disagreed with him and his dissents, Scalia’s intellect and wit makes him one of the country’s most memorable Supreme Court Justices.

“Even those of us who vigorously disagreed with his views recognized the power of his intellect,” she added.

Harris was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha at Howard, and later was admitted to the California bar in 1990. In early 2011, the black college grad became the first female Black and Indian American AG in the state of California. Currently Harris is running for a vacant U.S. Senate seat.   


  1. Harris is a great politician, but she’s not qualified for the Supreme Court. We need someone who has strong bench experience and is a serious legal and academic thinker. I’m not saying Harris isn’t smart or promising in her own right, but a Supreme Court appointment doesn’t seem like a fit for her.

  2. well you know right off the bat she is ultra liberal with her statement regarding Scalia, ” those of US!! that vigorously disagreed with his VIEWS”!! and if she does get appointed,(heaven help us) that will be one more disasterous thing Ovamit can add to his legacy

    • She has proven herself to be very liberal in CA. This praise of Justice Scalia is a smoke,screen. Betcha she,was coached by the White House.

      • She’s a Political appointee in California, now running to replace another Far-Left Senator! That says it all! The Country doesn’t need another Justice who interprets the Constitution in Obama terms!

      • The party is over when we say it is over if in fact it has been a party with the 2 hyper political existing picks of BHO

    • Why should she have to share Scalia’s views, who died and made him king? Scalia was biasedly partisan, he didn’t care about facts, just his own ideology, he is no different than the liberals you dislike.

  3. It figures…another black b*tch to fill his black agenda! He’s also talking Loretta Lynch, who is the biggest race baitor of that position. WTF is wrong with the GOP to stop this bullcrap from happening? Every single position he fills has to be either black, black female, muslim or Mexican! He has no desire to have any more whites advance into any leading positions. This is how afraid this muslim bastard is of giving up his ultra control position! The WORST president ever in the history of our country! He’s a narcissistic moron feeling that everything has to be about HIM and HIS importance in the world. Please GO already, you huge piece of crap!!! Mr. Trump, please get in there and straighten his mess out! Bring some dignity back to the white house…not to mention some class by putting a beautiful and dignified first lady there! Planet of the apes wants their characters back!!!!!

  4. Picking her because she is a female is like eating a turd cause it looks like a tootsie roll. We need someone who is a constitutional expert. Someone who will uphold the letter of the constitution not try to reinterpret it. We need a person who is passionate about the law not passionate about politics or anyone’s agenda. If she is nominated the Senate should reject.

    • You mean like president Obama himself former Harvard Law professor taught constitutional law. That is exactly the reason republican clowns will never impeach the president. He has forgot more about the constitution than most conservatives will ever know.

      • oblama was never a law professor at Harvard, nor was he ever a professor anywhere, except in his own mind, try looking it up for pete’s sake!

      • I agree he was not a “Technical” professor, but he was a lecturer or instructor at a university, most universities now a days have few full professors, most people simply call them professors.

      • He was never a law professor . He gave lectures on race & wasn’t worth a shit at that ,& he does now have a law liscenes,nor does michelle.

      • You wrote: “a title that the School indicated was for professors who due to full time schedules in other employ prevented them from being professors.”

        Congrats! You just wrote an oxymoron. One cannot be a professor but also NOT be a professor, no matter what the cause. He was a lecturer and NOT an associate, assistant or full professor. Obama was just out of Harvard Law school and was no “Constitutional scholar” at that point or now. Takes more than a lowly JD to become a scholar.

      • Perhaps you’re not aware that “professor” can be a generic reference to someone who teaches college classes, as well as a specific title for a specific level of college instructor. Well, now you know.

      • Well, some people might call me “doctor” because I’m the “doctor of looooove”! Calling Obama a professor for teaching straight out of Harvard is just another way he inflated himself to get elected.

      • College lecturers with inflated egos call themselves professors. That title is earned over a period of years of teaching, publishing and climbing the ranks after many performance evaluations. Perhaps you are not aware.

      • Actually, what prevented him from being a real professor was that he had never published a single article in a law review. Publishing at least three law review articles is a base requirement for tenure track positions at accredited law schools.

      • Ah, so you did not actually READ the article. Not surprising, really, since you are obviously allergic to facts. Well, get out your antihistamines, because here’s what it said:

        …as Bradford Berenson — a lawyer who worked in the Bush White House and served with Obama on the Harvard Law Review — told ThinkProgress, Obama did not write abundantly because he served as the editor who reviewed other students’ writings. Berenson added that Limbaugh’s charges are “not accurate”:

        These charges are not accurate. As a 2L [second year law] student, Barack wrote the same amount as all of his 2L peers, although by policy of the Harvard Law Review, no student writing is signed orattributed to individual authors. As a 3L, it is true that he did not write, but that is because he was the President of the Review. Because the President does so much editing, including of all the major faculty articles, he is not expected to author original pieces himself and almost never does so. I saw Barack hunched over manuscripts editing articles on many a late night at Gannett House. He simply could not have been elected President if he was not regarded by his fellow editors as being among the best legal writers and legal minds in his class.

        Obama “quickly distinguished himself as a top student” at Harvard Law, where he was “chosen through the strength of his writing and grades to serve as one of 80 student editors on the law review.” In his second year, he was elected the first black president of the Review.

        One fellow student recalled Obama’s leadership as the Review’s top editor. “When he sent [my article] back, it had lots of tiny print all over it and I was just furious,” she said. “My heart just sank. But it was accompanied by specific examples of how parts could be made better. He wound up getting an enthusiastic response from a very tired writer.”

      • BPatMann, you are as ignorant as dirt. I went to HLS, and I can tell you that editors DO NOT publish their own articles. They edit those of professors and judges. Geezz, you’re STUPID.

      • BPatMann: What on earth would YOU know about HLS graduates? This one does use that phrase.. How about “dumb as a bag of hammers”? Does that work for you?

      • I have known many HLS graduates during my career and they hold themselves up to a high standard of decorum. Call me what you want, but the fact remains that every top tier law school in the country requires publication in at least three law reviews (not law journals or other legal publications) as part of the basic criteria for a tenure track position. Obama has never published anything more than a single extremely short case note in a legal publication and, therefore, he could never have qualified as a tenure track professor. Calling him one is just plain silly.

      • I was a Wall Street practitioner who had never published anything. Northwestern Law School offered me a tenure-track position. You’re just plain wrong.

      • Just because you’ve never heard of something means nothing – except a reflection of how ignorant YOU are. His former students at THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO SCHOOL OF LAW rave about his teaching ability.

      • Correction he was President of the Harverd Law Preview, the highest position and honor of Harvard Law profession and if you didn’t know Harvard is the most notible and prestigious Law school in the land. Furthermore here is some information that he in fact was a professor at difference colleges and taught constitutional law.

        Know you facts. Good day

      • How about some REAL FACTS! The Harvard Law Review EDITOR is the most significant position at the Harvard Law Review. (BTW – it isn’t “PREVIEW” …it is REVIEW. You come across as not very intelligent if you goof up the very name of the paper.)

        The position of President is more ‘ceremonial’. To be selected EDITOR…the candidate must have notable writings that have been published. To be selected PRESIDENT…one must have broad based appeal ….like being elected President of a High School class…..but doesn’t require any demonstration of legal acumen, ability to write well, etc. It is political – and doesn’t require proof of competence or intelligence. Obama won a popularity contest. He has ZERO published articles ANYWHERE that show he is a good writer. (There is ONE published article written by Obama while in college that would rate a C minus where he argues for nuclear disarmament. It would rate a B minus if the paper had been submitted to a High School English class, since he had poor arguments, improper tenses, and other grammar mistakes.)

      • President of Harvard Law Review and he did teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago. He and Michelle gave up their license to practice law due to Obama being elected President. Cons are so flucking stupid and so resistent to telling the truth about the most accomplished black man they have ever heard of. A bunch of hick, rural route living, out house using bigoted POS.

      • Research why white folks are dying at alarming rates and binging on heroin addiction and overdosing. Should keep you occupied for a while.

      • Aside from being almost entirely wrong abut everything n your post, i’m especially intrigued by your claim than Obama’s lectures weren’t “worth a shit.” M guess is that you haven’t attended a lecture since high school. I’ll eat my hat if you ever attended a law school lacture; if you’ve ever attended a lecture by Obama, I’ll eat my cat.

      • You’re not sticking up for that muslim POS obama are you? That idiot has set this great country back 50 years!


      • What’s your evidence that he’s a Muslim? It’s hard to take someone seriously who can’t get the most basic of facts straight about the President.

      • gimme a break lady! the guy as a racist POS. Oh, and by the way so is his wife Cornelius. Please don’t respond to my posts anymore with that drivel you’re spewing!

      • There is a LOT more evidence for the the claims that Obama is a Muslim (although apostate or practicing taqiyya) than there is that he’s a Christian, and there is overwhelming evidence Obama’s sympathies lie more with Muslims than America or Christians, and it you have a problem with THAT take it up with Obama and his own words. I won’t waste my time arguing with idiots who haven’t taken even 5 minutes to do simple research.

      • Apparently, when he arrived at the White House for his first oath of office, he showed up wearing a suicide vest. His aides had to spend a half hour convincing him that he could do more damage to America by surviving than by blowing up everyone. By the way, has anyone ever seen him eat bacon? I thought not.

      • Didn’t George Bush say the constitution was a sheet of paper!! Conservatives don’t care about the Constitution only business interests

      • That’s right. Conservatives care about the people who create jobs and earn wealth and bring prosperity and contribute to our country and teh economy. Democrats only care about leaches, parasites, welfare losers, perverts, moonbats, racists and America-hating, wackjobs.

      • Moron? Obama ATTENDED Harvard Law school, he NEVER taught there. He was a lecturer on Constitutional law at the U of Chicago just after he graduated from Harvard.

        No one just out of any law school, is a “scholar” on any legal area.

      • By the way, how did Obama, who did not graduate from Columbia with honors (which indicates that his GPA was less that a 3.25) get into Harvard Law School (which never accepts anyone from any school with less than a 3.8)?

      • Bitter, much? Which law school did YOU attend? No? Oh, so you’re just another angry, powerless, white wanker.

      • Typical lib splib….cant handle truth with a sensible argument, so moron starts to run people down…..good going there…and nice come back…NOT!

      • From the Columbia University Wiki page on Barack Obama,

        “It has been reported that Obama graduated without honors[10], but if the policies then were the same as they are today, he would not have been eligible for Latin honors, because he spent only two years in the college. After graduation, Obama hoped to become a community organizer, but could not find work as one, and joined a consulting firm instead.”

      • BPatMann: How did he graduate magna cum laude from HLS? Columbia does not award honors to transfer students, to answer your dumbass question.

      • Why doesn’t he release his transcripts? He probably took survey courses that are guaranteed As. I doubt he took hard courses like Secured Transactions, Tax law, Trusts & Estates, etc.

      • Has any other President been asked? I’d trade Obama’s transcript for W’s or that of Clarence Thomas anytime.
        HLS has prescribed courses for the first two years, which cannot be avoided. He graduated MCL from Harvard, which you could never accomplish. Why don’t you take your racist trolling elsewhere?

      • Isn’t it interesting, though, that Obama supposedly was graduated from HLS with high honors. Yet, while most MCL grads from Harvard Law go on to a judicial clerkship (usually at the appellate level) or an associate position at a silk-stocking firm, Obama worked for a small firm handling minor state court cases for only a couple of years and then he went back to being a “community organizer” — which certainly doesn’t require a law degree. You would think that with his credentials, he would have gone on to arguing matters of high importance in front of the Supreme Court. If he really was as good of a student as you say he was, then why did he do so little with his education?

      • He became President of the United States, right? I’d say he used that fancy education to the max.
        And you say “supposedly” about his high honors from HLS. It’s a fact that can easily be verified. Your mind is closed and fact-resistant, dude. Do you realize how stupid you sound?

      • Be honest. If someone with Obama’s resume back in 20008 had gone to a major corporation and said that he was applying for the position of Chief Executive Officer, he would have been laughed out of the building. He was certainly not qualified to be President of the United States and the last seven years proves that he still isn’t qualified.

      • Again, you sound so limited. He was a State Senator in Illinois and a US Senator before running for the presidency. Does that count? And tell us, where are the career qualifications for the presidency written? Last time I looked, they were not in the US Constitution. Not much different from the career arc of JFK.

      • There’s also nothing in the Constitution that would ban a “community organizer” from becoming CEO of IBM. Nonetheless, IBM would require much more in the way of experience to fill that job.

      • What about a US Senator? IBM is not a democracy, dum-dum. You’re mixing apples and oranges, and you’re thoroughly incoherent. The people of Illinois sent the “community organizer” to the US Senate, so your beef should be with them. Enough said. You have your own axe to grind and your mind is not set on “receive.”

      • I’m “thoroughly incoherent” and, yet, you you understand me well enough to respond. You must be quite a lawyer indeed! I certainly have a beef with the voters (both alive and dead at the time) who sent a community organizer to the US Senate, which resulted in the infliction of that community organizer on the rest of us.

      • An impostor. But don’t worry, when Hillary returns she will eliminate any record of him ever having been there.

      • Actually, he was just an adjunct lecturer (not a professor, as he couldn’t qualify for a tenure track position because he had never published a single article in a law review) and he didn’t teach Constitutional law, he taught some sort of survey course about race. He was such a poor lecturer that in his last semester, only six students signed up.

      • He was never a Federal judge either. He was never anything more than a “community organizer” – whatever that is.

      • I never said he was a federal judge. I said he was a senior lecturer, just like several federal judges. Like the judges, he was not on a “tenure track.”

        But, then, you knew that, didn’t you? The fact that you are becoming deliberately obtuse makes it clear that my statements of incontrovertible facts are really beginning to bother you.

      • Technically translated from the original Alinsky, it means “agiprop specialist, 3rd class.” Not much, really.

      • Your frustrated repetition of the fact pattern to the ‘all-knowing’ zealots is *so* evocative of a paraphrase I coined some years ago:
        . . . . “One can lead a liberal to facts and / or logic easily enough; how to effect their proper use of either remains a mystery.”

      • WTF would you know about the constitution? Obviously, you have no clue if a liberal wad, such as yourself can really belch out filth you know nothing about, like stating he taught constitutional law….LMAO!

      • Magna cum laude from the Harvard Law School? You are a fact-resistant idiot. Why continue making a fool of yourself with your ignorance?

      • In your first sentence…you spout distortions and lies. (Are you a liar, or just really really stupid??) Obama attended Harvard. He was a lecturer at Univ. of Chicago Law School. He was NOT a Harvard Law Professor.

        He was a ‘lecturer’ on Equal Rights aspect of the Constitution. The empty-suited narcissist in the White House is IGNORANT of his Constitutional duties….consider how many times he, as President, has put forth some strange argument, only to be rebuffed by the Supreme Court in 9 to 0 rulings. By June 2014 – the count was 13! (What sort of mental midget can loose 13 decisions….when even the LIBERALS on the court vote against him??)

        Read about some of them here:

      • What kind of mental midget uses the word “loose” when he means “lose” while attempting to attack the intellectual capacity of a man who graduated from the Harvard law school magna cum laude?

      • A typo is less serious than the many mistakes in the post I was commenting on. (I would rather be accused of making the occasional typo than think Obama is a great legal mind who took incorrect stances – and the Supreme Court had to slap him down over 13 times. Obama is definitely a mental midget…and so are his defenders

        And Obama is so proud of all his grades that he released all his college transcripts. (Ooops….guess not. He is hiding them, because they probably suck!)

        And the ‘magna cum laude’ claim….well – here is something to consider:

        “Barack Obama did not graduate with honors at Columbia and so his acolytes make much of his time at Harvard where he was president of the Harvard Law Review and where he graduated magna cum laude. Many ignore that his magna cum laude honors may well not been magna cum laude today. Under the system in place when Obama was a student, only one third of a graduating class did not receive honors. For the class of ’95, a whopping 71.3 percent of the student body graduated with honors, doubling the number of students graduating with honors since 1972 and tripling the numbers receiving magna cum laude. Receiving magna cum laude may be impressive, but it is less so, if one in six students win it.”

        And Harvard has further descended into more irrelevancy…they went to a Pass/Fail system in 2008…so how do you determine NOW who gets honor designations?

        Why believe anything Obama claims until he releases his FULL transcripts of ALL his colleges.

      • Ah, so you did not read my other post, which notes that Obama was not ELIGIBLE to graduate with honors since he only attended two years there, having transferred from Occidental. However, I’m sure you won’t let the facts stand in the way of your futile efforts to defame Obama.

      • And I basically stated that Obama is hiding something. If he had a record to be proud of…he would release all college transcripts. He promised to be part of the ‘most transparent administration ever’ – except for his personal record, ATF’s Fast & Furious scam, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS targeting scandal, his many repeated lies about how ObamaCare would let you keep your doctor and plan ….etc.

        All it takes to defame Obama is to tell the truth about that empty-suited narcissist….and sunlight causes Obama – and his supporters, to run and hide like the cockroaches that they are!

      • Yeah, there MUST be something screwy and dastardly in his transcripts, because the President actually had the nerve to insist on his right to privacy after being forced to divulge personal information that no other candidates have been asked to divulge (except, of course, for Rafael Eduardo Cruz, over the course of the last few weeks). You can’t find actual dirt, so you point at the fact that the President insists on some personal dignity and privacy, and imply that there MUST be something horrible lurking in the shadows. It’s really pretty funny. You folks have been working at this for seven years now, and the President’s approval ratings are still forty points higher than that of the Republican-controlled Congress.

        Oh, and BENGHAZI!!! Why are the four Americans who died there so much more important than the 60-plus people who died in the thirteen attacks on U.S. consulates and embassies during the Dubya administration? Why aren’t Republicans outraged that, after there was an attack on the American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan in 2002, resulting in people getting killed, there was ANOTHER attack on the same consulate three and a half years later, again resulting in fatalities? It doesn’t really seem like you’re evaluating these issues in an even handed manner.

        The IRS was found not to be targeting conservative groups, but you didn’t feel obligated to mention that, either, did you? No, of course not. Just make an allegation on a hit-and-run basis, and hope something sticks.

        Of course, Obamacare has succeed in bringing the number of uninsured Americans under 10% for the first time in history, and there are numerous stories about how well it has worked. Of course, the President has made it clear that a single payer system would have worked better and covered more people, but he chose to use Romneycare as a model, to try to obtain some cooperation from the Republicans on the Hill. Of course, we all know now that the Republicans have been working to block everything Obama has been doing since he’s been in office simply to deny him any success, regardless of the merits of the programs he has proposed. We also know that although Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have ALL stated that if Obamacare is repealed, the Republican Party MUST have an alternative system to put in its place, but with five years of pointless repeal votes behind us, the Republican Party has come up with exactly… NOTHING.

        The Republican Party today defines itself purely in terms of what it opposes. It has no program to offer to the American people. All the Republican leadership talks about is defunding, repealing, and obstructing. The Party controls both houses of Congress and, up until recently, the Supreme Court, but it has made no effort to govern. All it has done is sit as a disloyal opposition. The Republican Party has given the American people no reason that it should be given control of the White House. (This is probably why more Republican voters are now voting for someone – Trump – whose opponents claim does not behave at ALL like a Republican.)

      • Obama has revealed far less of his past than other candidates…and the Main Stream Media has given a pass to Obama….like his high school and college drug use (self-admitted – including weed and ‘blow’ (cocaine). How about a pass on his regular association with a former terrorist (Bill Ayers.) His own books (the first possibly written with the able assistance of Bill Ayers) …and his contrived (i.e. fabricated stories) past…(i.e. – full of lies/distortions.) How about the media giving him a pass on how he claimed that his mother was denied health insurance when dying of cancer (she had insurance coverage, and it was paid!).

        Benghazi is important because of the lies behind the death. It wasn’t because of a YouTube video, and it happened because the Sec.of State and POTUS were too stupid to realize that they were creating an unstable Libya…and they ignored requests for additional security. (Yes, there have been deaths – and everyone one deserves HONEST discussion and examination and figuring out ‘lessons learned’ to prevent it from happening in the future. For Benghazi – the lesson is to not trust idiots with power.)

        IRS WAS targeting conservatives, and that is why Louis Learner took the 5th and refused to answer questions, and why the IRS ‘lost’ lots of data and e-mails. (Cover up.) Let that happen under a Republican Administration and the media would be screaming and shouting COVER UP from the roof tops. But let a Democrat do it….zzzzzzzzz snooze…..nothing happening here…just move along. And willful idiots on the D side don’t care.

        As to ObamaCare – the solution is several fold –
        a. Abolish ObamaCare and mandates.
        b. Force Hospitals/medical facilities to POST PRICES….no multi-tiered pricing to different people with different insurances. Discounts allowed…but limit them to standard (10% for prompt pay in 30 days, etc) ….and post what discounts are offered to any and all.
        c. End monopoly protections of hospitals/medical facilities. Encourage competition.
        d. Streamline FDA so that the drug approval process is less costly.
        e. For drugs that patent protection has expired….reduce the FDA testing requirements that make it hard for competition to reduce prices. (That idiot who bought the drug rights and raised prices about 5700% figured that competition would not emerge for years due to the FDA bureaucracy bogging down the competition.)
        f. Allow people to buy insurance that is NOT pre-paid medical where you get ‘free’ checkups, but have a super-high deductible, and lots of mandates. (My BIL had this type insurance that cost $1500/year…covered anything over $6K deductibel for the year, and he paid out of pocket for regular/minor stuff. Didn’t cover sex changes or birth control or a lot of other ‘exotic stuff….)
        g. Allow insurance companies to sell low cost policies across state-line.
        PUT THE END — — USER in more control – and give him encouragement to hold costs down. Allow insurance companies to charge more for those that don’t take care of themselves (i.e. – smokers, over-eaters…) and give discounts to those who do healthy things (regular exercise, keep their BMI as appropriate, get regular checkups (that the patient pays for…not the insurance company.)
        Do these things – and medical costs, which have sky-rocketed…would be brought down, and could reduce Medicare and Medicaid Costs too – helping to reduce that burden on our bloated federal budget.

      • “Obama has revealed far less of his past than other candidates” – who, exactly?

        And Clinton and Dubya smoked weed, and Dubya did coke, and was an alcoholic. It is clear exactly how much the public cares about these things if they are not affecting a President’s performance – zero.

        As you undoubtedly know, Ayers and Obama were on a board of directors together for three years. Ayers was very respected and prominent in Chicago [with] a national reputation as an educator. When Obama was working on an overhaul of the Illinois law on juvenile justice, the two of them participated in a six-person panel discussion. This all started about 15 years after Ayers turned himself in and was not prosecuted for his role in the Weather Underground. Personally, having read up, once again, on Obama’s distant relationship to this man, I am underwhelmed, and unsure why anyone would be outraged about it.

        As I’m sure you also know, Obama’s mother’s battle was with a disability insurance carrier who claimed she had no coverage because she had a pre-existing condition. Obama said “I will never forget watching my own mother … worrying about whether her insurer would claim her illness was a pre-existing condition,” which was the absolute truth.

        When it comes to BENGAHZI!!!, you, as a Republican, must be familiar with the concept of “disinformation”. You give out information you know to be false to send your opponents in the wrong direction, or (as with BENGHAZI!!!) to keep them from realizing that you are closing in on them. Of course, it is just FINE when Dubya and Cheney lie to Congress, the American people, and the world to lead us into a war that has cost the American people thousands of soldiers, trillions of dollars, and which has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis whose families will hate us for generations to come. But give out a little disinformation to try to catch the perpetrators of the attack in BENGHAZI!!!, and it requires multiple Congressional investigations…to conclude that no one did anything wrong.

        So, if everyone deserves an HONEST discussion and examination and figuring out ‘lessons learned’ to prevent it from happening in the future, why hasn’t there been a single investigation into the 13 attacks on American consulates and embassies during the Dubya administration, and the dozens of deaths associated with them? Why hasn’t a single Congressional Republican expressed ANY outrage over the fact that there were TWO deadly attacks on the same American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan during Dubya’s time in office? Why didn’t they learn anything from the first attack (or, for that matter, the first DOZEN attacks)? Oh, right – because the mainstream media is always giving OBAMA a pass. Give me a break.

      • He was never more than a ‘lecturer’ at one of the sh!tcago schools; even Harvard doesn’t give away professorships to such incompetent, petulant, poltroons. And his legal ‘prowess’ is demonstrated by the fact that even after being *given* (not *earning*) the position of Law Review Editor, he wrote not one article, which has to be unique in the history of *all* American Law School journals. Further evidence of his absolute lack of credentials is the fact he became a street organizer rather than clerking at *any* court, serving in *any* prosecutor’s office or even working at the meanest of mediocre law firms … whereas the Harvard Law Review Editor commonly clerks at SCOTUS or at least an important appellate Circuit Court.
        .. This feckless fraud is entirely a clueless charlatan, a two dimensional empty suit of dishonesty worthy only of the most dismissive derision.

      • of course to up hold the original meaning of the constitution the laws of the land that has held this free country above all other nations

      • How is it BS? Look at Scalia”s rulings!! All he did was uphold rulings for the business elite!! Kodiak48, name calling is just name calling!! If I am truly lying call me out with a specific example!! Oh, wait you can’t Scalia was a shill for business!! That is why he was found dead in a ranch with a pillow over his head. This ranch was a place paid for buy a business interest and his family doesn’t want an autopsy!! A man of integrity?? I think not!! What was Scalia doing that his family refuses an autopsy? Was he screwing around and had Viagra in his system? Does he do drugs? What was he doing??

      • Get out the tinfoil. His Dr said he had health issues. There are a lot of families that don’t want autopsies. The ranch is a hunting retreat.and you know nothing about why he was there. Pillow over his head? This is the kind of stuff the only description can be BS. I don’t need to prove anything. It is you who is making the stupid accusations with no evidence behind any of your spew. You just need to get a grip

      • If Scalia was a Democrat would people like you and the right wing media afford him as much privacy as the left is? The answer is no!! I am not spewing allegations, I am asking a questions!

      • You didn’t answer my question!! Which further proves my point!! Republicans are just as bad as Democrats only more self righteous!!

      • If Scalia were a Democrat and voted like Sotamyer or Keagan I would give the family (if they in fact have any) their wishes and just be thankful they were gone. We don’t need another rubber stamp Obama appointee that dislikes the constitution as it is written.

      • If you are asking what I want. I want the next nominee to be a constitutional Federalist. If that can’t be, I at least want the next President to chose

      • Not just a republican but a constitutional conservative yes, but it would never happen with a Dim held Senate in an election year

      • You didn’t answer my question!! If their was a Republican president, you would want them to pick a nominee.

      • you can think all you want and Obama can pick all he wants but this is going to be controlled by the Senate. As Obama’s wonderful paster would say, “the chickens are coming home to roost”

      • Obama can do a recess appointment and then the chickens will come home to roast!! You, Republicans are hypocrites!! You want Obama to do what you yourself wouldn’t!! That is hypocrisy!!

      • Earth to Jake, you asked what I would like to do, not what I’d do. It sounds like you don’t know the meaning of hypocrisy. The Dims have already rooster these chickens and coined a new phrase in the process “to be Borked”. Also BHO felt it right to vote no on several of Bushs judicial appointees even though they were not For the SC. The Hirless Reid also brought into play the Nuclear option and now you want to call us hypocritical. No the rules of the game have been turned on end by your beloved Dims, you put 2 idiots on the court, and then can’t figure out why the Rs won’t play ball

      • It’s still Obama’s term!! Republicans aren’t God!! If three justices need to be replaced in one term, the president who won should decide!!

      • @Kodiak48, I never wondered why Republicans won’t play ball!! I always knew! Republicans are self righteous Democrats!! They oppose anything the Democrats want to do but when the situation is reversed they get mad!! When Bush was president, Dems still confirmed his nominees!! Why? Democrats love the Constitution more than any Republican!! Democrats don’t make everything about politics like Republicans!! You, Republicans loved Scalia so much yet the first thing out of your mouth was not to replace him!! You, Republicans didn’t even mourn his dead!!

      • I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but you sir, make my ass itch with your insane answers….AND questions that have been answered.

      • Thanks Debbie for contributing absolute nothing to the discussion at hand!! Really appreciate it!! Second of all, if you ass itches get Preparation H or go to the clinic!! Their is no reason why you should have anal itch!! Go see a doctor!!!

      • @ Debby Ward, Thanks for spouting out a nonsense answer!! I make your a** itch!! Why? You spouted nonsense with no rationale, you sound like a Republican to me!! All rhetoric no logic!!

      • If Scalia were a Democrat, you Republicans would investigate his death just like you investigate Benghazi!! Republicans are effecient at wasting time and not much else!!! Investigating something that was already investigated!!

      • P.S. Kodiak48, If they next president is a Democrat, you Republican better nominate the suggestion of the president or you guys will be exposed for the obstructionist you are!!

    • Guess what? Obama taught constitutional law in one of the most prestifious universities in the US. He’s an expert. Eat that!

    • All supreme court justices have the job of interpreting the Constitution. Kamala Harris would not be my first choice either, but let’s not pretend that some justices are “neutral” and others “interpret.”

      • I don’t want neutral Justices. I want Constitutional activist justices, not Leftist commies who make up stuff because they feel like it.

    • Hmm… I think he’d pick her because of her experience — not because as a highly educated woman of color, she scares uneducated, powerless white women. Currently, she’s Attorney General of the largest state in the nation. Few candidates have her credentials. Ultimately, I think she’ll be California’s next Senator, and to that end, I don’t imagine the President will nominate her for SCOTUS.

  5. My guess is that he will nominate Loretta Lynch. That will tie her up in confirmation hearings and leave nobody to file an indictment on Hillary for her MANY crimes.

  6. This woman is responsible for many students who were enrolled at Heald College not being able to complete their education, and being stuck with huge student loan debts. My son was 4 moths away from graduating and now owes more than $30,000 in student loans that he can’t pay back now as he did not get his diploma. She REF– — USED to let Heald separate themselves from Corinthian Group who were the actual target of her lawsuit. Heald had nothing to do with the problem and were simply caught up in her wide ranging power grab. I hope she dies.

  7. Considering the dismal state of California in general, NO ONE from this state should be considered for ANYTHING any higher.

  8. Being from California is all I need to hear. She has never read the constitution let alone set on the Supreme court.

  9. Hell no! She’s as left-wing, crackpot as you can get… she’s from San Francisco, and helped forge and protect sanctuary city laws.

  10. To replace Boxer…she would have to be one of the Uber Elite of the Marxists. Feinstien and boxer have both chased business out of Cali (remember Heinz and Monrovia Nurseries leaving….taking a Billi ion in taxes with them to Texas and Oregon? )…and the countless small business that left (like mine) to seek a better business environment. This nominee was part of the problem when she held office.

  11. A left wing nut who promotes baby killing sodomites playing house and raping Americans violating their persons and robbing them their dignity and of their 2nd Amendment rights — just fantastic.

  12. She would be the constitutions worse nightmare from San Francisco and CA Refused to do her job as AG after the people passed a law in CA to protect marriage she and Jerry Brown refused to defend it as they were required to do because they disagreed with the law. A judicial fiat pick at best and one that should be fought against vigorously if selected by the King;

  13. Picking her is the same as picking the most left winger they could possible find. All you need to know is she is from commifornia and that will answer all questions.

  14. Even Susan Sarandon gets that having been equipped with a vagina shouldn’t automatically grant anyone the best choice for any position, and it might be the same situation for the vacancy as well.

  15. Don’t forget that when the Democrats lost the ability to override a filibuster, Harry Reid changed the Senate rules on court appointment filibusters so that he could ram in a bunch of Obama appointees without having to go through traditional Senatorial process. In doing so, he essentially said “screw you” to the rest of the country. The rest of the country responded by voting in a clear majority of Republicans to the Senate. The Democrats are all for ham-fisted strong-arm politics when they are in power, but turn into whimpering snowflakes when they are out of power. Now the Democrats actually seem to be deluded into expecting not to be served up a heapin’ helping of their own cookin’. All I can say to that is “Bon Appétit!”

  16. Oh great, the idiot that would not enforce the law in Ca. they now want on the Supreme court. If the Senate does not reject her they are also idiots

  17. Of course. Obama is looking at a black women. It’s a wonder she’s not a Muslim. By mentioning that she graduated from Howard University, we are all supposed to be impressed. But like many other black graduates from notable universities, including Justice Clarence Thomas, how low was the bar set so the school could claim the mandated ethnic diversity. The sooner Obama is out of office, the sooner the country can begin to heal itself and repair his damage.

  18. Is She the one that said she would not follow the vote of the people and accept Homosexual marriages in California?

  19. The constitution for The Republic USA created for Unites States of America, everyone is equal before the law and nobody is above the Constitution, everyone has to comply without exception, is a mandatory document does not authorize any judge, federal authority or state its interpretation to create rights against exhaustive text written by the founders and endorsed by people, it is the law of laws.

  20. Uh Excuse me? No one will be voted for till after the election last I heard? Simple, just ignore till the election is over!

  21. This woman is a radical California politician, which is a redundancy these days. Her positions on speech, 2nd amendment, abortion and government intrusion are very disturbing. Even in a non election year she would have a tough time being confirmed and absolutely no chance this year.

  22. A Black, A Female , and a Liberal Progressive all rolled into one package. This will not happen.
    Obama will wait until a real president takes office before a candidate for the SC is annointed. It must be a strong conservative to replace Scalia and maintain the balance in the court. Right now there only 3 conservatives, Thomas, Alito,and Kennedy. Roberts is a closet liberal and joins the other 4 libs, so that right now the court is unbalanced!

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