5 College Survival Tips Using J Cole Songs #HBCUFreshmanBible

Going to college is like getting lost and finding something new. It’s a new environment, new people and new challenges. My first year of college was very difficult: I had a hard time balancing academics, friends, social life–you name it. It really was a struggle, and I wish that someone had created a fun and captivating video that could help me with my first year of college. But if you’re looking for that video, then look no further. Here’s a video that intersects 5 survival college tips with songs by Grammy-nominated rapper, J. Cole. You have to see it to believe it, check out the video above.

1. “Crooked Smile”

Scholar The importance of buying textbooks, going to class on time and ensuring academic success.

2. “Work Out”

Healthy Living The importance of fighting off that freshman 15 and eating healthy.

3. “No Role Modelz” as Friends

The importance of making great friends that can benefit your college career.

4. “Power Trip”

Prioritizing The importance of balancing college life effectively.

5. “Nobody’s Perfect”

The importance of understanding no one gets it right every time, you will make mistakes and that’s okay.

Chris Sumlin is a Contributor to HBCU Buzz and a junior, Cinema, Television & Emerging Media Studies major at Morehouse College. For more on Chris Sumlin follow him at @ChrisSumlin on Twitter.

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