The face of the ASU Stingettes Asia Martin was seen at the State baseball game late Friday to greet students and to encourage the black college community to “be legendary.”

On the campaign trail for Miss ASU, Martin has been pushing her 3-key platform initiatives, saying, “Through my platform I would like to enhance the morale of the university by essentially promoting the notion that we are all legendary here at Alabama State University” on the social network

“My sole purpose in vying for the position of Miss ASU is to be an advocate for the belief that no matter how big or radical our dreams may be, we have to believe in our success stories,” Martin said. “I want to inspire my university to believe in their abilities no matter the capacity in which they choose to work in and around.”

Here’s some major points Martin wants to cover as the next Miss ASU:

  • “Unwritten”: a program geared towards literacy in school-aged children in the Montgomery County, ASU student volunteers/mentors assist students in writing their own autobiographies. Mission: Write the vision, make it plain/Investing in the future generation of Hornets.
  • “Sting On The Green”: an event geared towards exposing students to black and locally owned businesses. Also gives students the opportunity to promote themselves and their personal businesses in a fun, welcoming atmosphere with their peers. Mission: Invest in our culture, students, and community.
  • “A Night of Legends”: a night where we celebrate a particular individual or group of individuals who are excelling in their field of interest. A party in their honor. Mission: Promote a nurturing atmosphere within the student body that fosters a peer-based support system.


“We all can be legends but we must first choose to capitalize on our differences, our viewpoints, and our beliefs.”

During her time at Alabama State, Martin has been involved in several organizations and most notably has led the ASU Stingettes two times in a row, 1 of only 3 captains to serve consecutive seasons in the position since 1977.

When asked how she will inspire her colleagues, ASU students, to be a representation of the value and high quality of education that can be achieved at black colleges, Martin said, “By inspiring them first to be exactly who they are.”

“Every individual student offers a unique splash of color to the bigger picture at ASU,” she said. “So [students] shine bright in all your beautiful shades because it’s your unique contribution that comes together to make our picture beautiful.”

Voting begins on April 11 and 12 at 9-5 p.m. in John Garrick Hardy Center Ballroom.