The “Nasty” Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma celebrate 90 years of excellence with an awe-inspiring probate.

Morehouse College was flooded with friends, family and supporters as many gathered around for the probate featuring The Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. The probate took place at The Walter E. Massey Leadership building on the campus and it was a show to see.

Anticipation was high as people arrived early to the show, ensuring that they positioned themselves to see a glimpse of their son, brother or friend.  There were countless Sigmas from all different campuses in Atlanta who came to see the probate; some of these campuses included Clark Atlanta, Georgia State and even Columbus State. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the  new members’ arrival

Before we knew it we saw seven gentlemen passionately thrusting towards the probate scene led by Morehouse College Senior, Russell Pointer and Morehouse College Junior, Equel Easterling. The crowd immediately went up in applause and appreciation as they saw The Spring ’16 line of the chapter arrive.

The probate began with greetings to the big brothers of the organization followed by the line stating the history of the organization in a way that was very compelling and well-rehearsed. Seeing the brothers state all of the history that they did in a way that was so quickly and perfect was VERY impressive.

Another highlight of the probate was the singing of “Lift Every Voice And Sing” which was famously written by James Weldon Johnson, a prominent member of Phi Beta Sigma. The brothers sang the entire three verses of the song in harmony all of which were enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Midway through the Probate there was a moment where it was stated that the Sigmas were celebrating 90 years of chapter existence at Morehouse College. All of the alum in attendance had looks of pride of their faces as they understood the importance of this achievement.

I must say that this probate was one that was monumental, entertaining and unlike any probate I had every seen before. The Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma did a phenomenal job bringing in their Spring line and I am excited to see what they do next.

Congratulations to the seven gentlemen inducted into the esteemed organization and Congrats to the Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma for 90 years!